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So you like a bit of Minecraft, do ya? Fancy yourself a Disney fan, huh? Well your two dream worlds are about to collide with some excellent skins for the third best-selling video game of all time (roughly 74 million copies of Minecraft have been sold since it went into beta). First, let's take a quick look at how you install skins:

  • Step One - Google is your friend. You can search for a skin using Google, there are many websites which provide free index's of Minecraft skins which you can browse through to find the right skin for you. Here's one such site!
  • Step Two - Download the skin. Simple! The skin will download as a PNG file to your computer's Downloads folder.
  • Step Three - Log in to your account (duh). In order to set your new skin you must login to your account and navigate to your profile page.
  • Step Four - Choose the file. Click the Choose File button, find and select the (.png) skin file that you wish to change to. Once the file is selected hit upload, then your skin will be changed. Pretty sweet, huh?

Disney Galore: 21 Minecraft Skins

WHERE TO BEGIN?! Let's just start with my childhood favorite, shall we?

Donald Duck

That's one happy duck. I love how he appears to have extremely muscly thighs from behind.


Dat firey hair. She looks like such an anime girl!


Sparkly. Anyone here excited for the release date of Frozen 2?!


Miss you, man. But seriously, what happened to his smoky tail in the image on the right?

Mickey Mouse

Looks odd without those ears...stuff of nightmares right there, friends.

Minnie Mouse

Yeah, still odd...kinda cute though! Or at least more cute then the horror of Mickey.


Pwetty. She kinda looks like a matador!


Spot on.

Winnie the Pooh

Relax Pooh, you're scaring the children. What are you an alien life form now?

Wreck-It Ralph

AHHHH. I know that feeling, Ralph. I know it all too well.

Nick Wilde

Anyone else here love Zootopia? Wilde wasn't exactly the greatest aspect about the film but I loved its hilarious and intelligent take on the modern world and the prejudices that pervade it.


4? 4 what, Jas?!

Cruella De Vil

Nice spots, Vil. Pity your legs make it look like you're standing on the face of a small child.


Those shifty eyes...

Alice In Wonderland

That raised eyebrow...


It's like Sully crossed with the Cookie Monster...and some kind of sea-lion.

Mike Wasowski

This is terrifying. Seriousy...was Monster's Inc. more terrifying than I recall?

Violet Parr

We need another Incredibles movie.


So many memories...


All dressed for the ball.

Snow White

Small beginnings.


Looks like something out of Five Nights As Freddy's...

Which Disney skin is your favorite?


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