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Looking for some fun Minecraft village seeds to play through? Minecraft village seeds can be a great way to add a rural flair to your playthrough. Not to mention, village seeds give you plenty of opportunities to visit blacksmiths, search for food, or earn some goodies: all good things that will give you a great head start during your Minecraft playthrough.

So if you're looking for a village, don't worry. We've got you covered with all kinds of villages across biomes.

Before You Dive In

Just think of all the goodies in that village. GImmie!
Just think of all the goodies in that village. GImmie!

Remember, seeds are specific to various versions of Minecraft. Do you have the Minecraft: Pocket Edition? That means you need Minecraft PE seeds (Check out these for some PE seeds). Playing on the PlayStation 4 or Vita? Well, you'll need PlayStation seeds.

For these village seeds, alongside the seed character string itself, we'll also confirm whether you need the Pocket Edition, the PC version, or another version of Minecraft before you can play.

Anyway, that's our PSA. Here's our favorite seeds:

Taiga Village Seed

Isn't there something so fun and adventurous about a village built right into the foresty taiga? We think so, and this seed scratches our itch. Highlights include a modest village situated in the taiga, a river cutting through the village, a short trek to reach the town, and a house situated right on the dock itself.

If you're unconvinced, just see what we mean in the YouTube video above.

  • Version: 1.10 Update
  • Seed: -4529706471992690765

Desert Temple Village Seed

It's so beautiful, and sooo hilly.
It's so beautiful, and sooo hilly.

Village seeds don't necessarily have to be inside plains biomes. We love this village seed for one simple reason: it spawns a gorgeous village and temple pyramid right next to a steep hill, inside a desert biome that reminds us of ancient Egypt near the Nile River. If you're looking for a seed that will let you visit dry, hot, and beautiful lands, just check out this one.

  • Version: 1.10 Update
  • Seed: -7955155822622757578

Double Village, Double Biome Seed

We're already dying to climb those mountains.
We're already dying to climb those mountains.

Sometimes one village is not enough. Or sometimes you want to have an additional biome to visit without typing in a new seed. Well, this plains and mesa biome is a perfect fix. The seed features two villages to explore, giving the world a slightly busy feel alongside the diverse biomes available. There's a blacksmith here, too, that comes with plenty of goodies to pick up.

Keep in mind, this seed is for Minecraft: Pocket Edition only. Sorry PC gamers!

  • Version: Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  • Seed: camero

Triple Village Seed

Oh, so you want to explore a city? We love this triple village seed, available for Minecraft: Pocket Edition. This plains biome seed features three wells sprayed out across a low-lying plains, signifying three separate villages alongside together: basically, perfect to wander around and check out. This isn't just one of the best village seeds around, it's also one of the most immersive thanks to its sheer size.

  • Version: Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  • Seed: mamaMOOSE

Diamond Village Seed

Last but not least, the Diamond Village seed. This village seed, which drops the player straight into a snow and desert biome mix, features a village with a ton of excellent supplies for any player looking to brave it out in the world. Plus, there's even a cache full of diamonds to find. Total score! Check it out.

That is, if you have the PlayStation version of Minecraft.

  • Version: Minecraft for PlayStation
  • Seed: -9112652585177887426

That's our wrap up for Minecraft village seeds. Is your favorite missing? Share yours in the comments below!


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