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When you tune into an press conference you expect to see all the biggest games the industry has to offer. started with the announcement of 22 exclusives, to promote the Xbox One X; countered by announcing their line-up of AAA exclusives.

But this year's E3 was different. Many of us weren't just looking forward to the announcement of new titles, but seeking the release dates and gameplay trailers for games announced at past E3s. We're all hoping the rumors of other titles and new IPs ring true, and we're oft hopeful for a revival of beloved dormant IPs. Both studios and the gaming media altered our expectations for this year's announcements.

Prior to E3, we already knew titles such as Death Stranding and Halo 6 were not going to appear. Others such as Kingdom Hearts III, had a surprise trailer drop over the weekend.

As for these other titles, we weren't so fortunate.

1. Final Fantasy VII Remake

For the last decade, every Sony press conference has been plagued with the question, "will there be a remake of Final Fantasy VII?". Two years after the reveal we're still asking.

Hope that we'll see something new on the remake spawned when Cloud Strife's voice actor, Steve Burton tweeted about recording new lines back in April.

We've seen little about the game over the last two years, and recent news about the title is all about it's development woes, putting a release date of sooner than later in further doubt. Fans hoping to see more of what's set to be the first episode of the remake should get comfy because it's going to be a long ride till we get there.

For now, we have Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, a fighting game which truly couldn't have been a better way to celebrate the series's 30th anniversary.

2. Borderlands 3

It's a wonder that over these last few years, 3 has never been shown. Borderlands 2 was a hit, decorated with numerous game of the year awards. So, last year when Gearbox confirmed Borderlands 3 as it's next title, the news was expected.

Even without the confirmation, Borderlands 3 has been a staple of rumored titles to be announced at E3, and since this isn't that year, there's always next year, and the year after.

3. The Last of Us Part II

not showing anything at all of The Last of Us Part II was a bit of a surprise. Announced at last year's PlayStation Experience (PSX) event, Troy Backer and Ashley Johnson — who play Joel and Ellie — both made appearances. Not soon after Ashley Johnson posted about "shooting some video game."

It's always nice to see progress being made. Especially since developer Naughty Dog wants to beat the bar they felt was set by Horizon Zero Dawn.

About why didn't make an appearance at E3, the game's director tweeted:

Fair enough. With Uncharted: Lost Legacy releasing August 22nd, we'll likely see more information soon, PSX 2017 perhaps?

4. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

While brought us a (mostly) unexpected surprise with Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, there's another western series in need of a sequel. Rise of the Tomb Raider was a critical success and a much bigger financial success when ported over to PC and PS4, the Xbox only timed exclusive nonsense was something of a betrayal for long-time PlayStation fans.

What we do know of the new game via leaks is that it's currently in development at Eidos Montreal as Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The new game will mark the first entry in the reboot series not produced by Crystal Dynamics nor written by Rhianna Pratchett.

The lack of an official announcement at both Sony and Microsoft's press conference this year means we'll have to wait longer for answers to Rise's cliffhanger ending. However, with the new film coming out next year, there's a solid chance we'll see something as the team behind the game may want to draw some of that hype their way.

5. Batman Arkham Insurgency

Rocksteady may have called it quits with Arkham Knight, but that doesn't mean the Arkham series is over. A leak suggests the new Batman game would take place three years after Arkham Origins (not developed by Rocksteady) with the Court of Owls as the game's primary antagonists. The title is rumored be in development by WB Games Montreál.

With the Arkham games being the success they are, Warner Bros may not be too keen on ending the most successful Batman games to date. Chances are they'll keep the series going until in runs into the ground. Maybe then we'll finally see a good Superman game?

6. Cyberpunk 2077

When CD Projekt Red's masterpiece, The Witcher III, had it's the final DLC, Blood and Wine released last year, all was in place for more on Cyberpunk 2077. That didn't happen.

Announced way back in 2012, all we know about beyond the setting is that it will be an open-world RPG with a single-player campaign and have a multiplayer option.

Late last year, the Polish government gave the studio a $7 million grant to help fund the game. After the success they had with the games, the government believes the grant would help expand the growth of the gaming industry and related jobs within the country. (CD Projekt Red is a Polish studio.) With all this in mind an E3 2018 re-reveal almost seems like a given.

However, the studio may have much more to worry about with hackers claiming to have stolen sensitive information about the game.

Speaking of thieves...

7. Sly Cooper 5

With Bubsy and Crash Bandicoot making their returns from the dead, Sly and his team of talking animal misfits would have been a prime candidate for a comeback. The series's fourth game Thieves in Time ended on a cliffhanger in 2013, since then fans have been waiting for a new game to no avail.

The dismay continues with a movie that was in the works and even had a full length trailer, scheduled for release in 2016. Like the rest of the series, the movie simply fell off the radar and was never released.

Should the revivals of the other popular games-with-talking-animal-protagonists prove successful, it could be the motivation needed to bring Sly back. Besides, the trailer for the movie looks too good to simply can it.

8. Starfield

While 's showcase wasn't lackluster, it wasn't spectacular. The majority of the conference was focused on sequels to already established IPs, VR expansions, and of course, another Skyrim port. So a new IP would have been a welcomed addition.

Filed for a trademark on April 11, 2016, Starfield is a mystery. Judging by the title it could have something to do with space, but in reality this game could be absolutely anything. And we'd love to know just what that is.

9. inFamous

Delsin Rowe in "inFamous Second Son" [Credit: Sucker Punch Productions]
Delsin Rowe in "inFamous Second Son" [Credit: Sucker Punch Productions]

When is comes to superheroes, Sony's focus is on Insomniac Games's Spider-Man – which we now know will feature Miles Morales (awesome!). But what of Sony's first major superhero IP, ?

The first two inFamous titles were popular and well-received games on the PS3. Their successor, inFamous Second Son was one of the earliest PS4 exclusives releasing back in 2014 with a standalone DLC follow up released later that year. It's about time we hear about a for a new inFamous.

With the PS4's love of remastered collections, one for inFamous would suffice for now. If so inFamous: The Son Collection would sit perfectly as the title.

What games do you wish made an appearance at E3?


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