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When the world is dying and is on the brink of falling into darkness, a hero must rise to save it. In Moon Child, that hero is you, as you take control of a boy born from the moon known as Kooy.

The world in this upcoming title looks like a mash-up of Skyrim and Zelda, and that got me instantly excited about this game. Thankfully, Indie game developer has an ambitious vision for this adventure.

Action adventure with the soul of others

Kefir Games has this to say about its game:

Moon Child is an action adventure game with survival's heart and JRPG's soul. Explore, hunt and fight across an open vast fantasy world.

This is a studio made up of two guys; that's surprising and exciting when you look at their pre-alpha footage. The trailer syncs seamlessly with an awesome music track. From there, I was hooked.

There's heart in this project, and that isn't something I see a lot of when I search through Kickstarter campaigns. These are two very dedicated individuals!

Moon Child hits on a few different areas of gaming. I like games that try to encompass multiple genres wrapped into one, and Moon Child seems to be following suit. But a core value that cannot be overlooked is the story, and how it builds the game world around it.

Story and gameplay go hand-in-hand

The world is darkened. Evil has won and monsters have covered the sun in darkness. You have to travel around the vast world killing bosses and solving puzzles to close portals where the monsters come from; otherwise, the world is going to be kaput.

This is where Kefir Games' ingenious idea comes in. Every time you destroy a boss, a piece of the sun is liberated from the darkness. That concept intrigued me, so I asked Carlos, one of creators, more about it.

I like the idea of unlocking pieces of the sun as a way to progress the story, will this affect the landscape or maybe the townspeople? Or is this more of a way to track the plot of the main story, which is a cool tool regardless?

This affect[s] everything around the world, for sure. Players can see how the sun is recovering its shininess [by] only looking at the sky. We are implementing a real time system in order to uncover the sunlight depending [on] how many portals are active. In addition, some monsters only appears depending [on] the position of the sun. We are thinking about some interesting puzzles using sunrays too.

I love the idea of having my progress tracked by pieces of the sun unlocking. Knowing that the monsters out there to hunt down are also connected with the timing of the sun can make for a more cohesive experience. That's another thing I see Kefir Games trying to do: a system that flows from one aspect to the next within the game.

Creating a cohesive world

What makes a lot of games falter is the fact that the many elements juxtapose poorly when they come together. Moon Child has all the elements that make sense. The world is dying, so you have to survive. There are survival elements implemented throughout, like hunting for food and even farming to create ingredients. This includes pumpkins, which in the most recent update can be used to make potions and meals with bonus properties.

Perusing their website, I found another interesting tidbit about the game that relates to this inclusion of survival, the crafting system.

Non-linear gameplay with apparently indestructible monsters with a weapon based weakness

Weapon-based weakness? That means you could craft different types of weapons with different properties. I explored more and found out that your character doesn't level. I thought that was odd. So I asked more about that.

Why'd you choose not to go with a character level system and instead focus on equipment leveling?

We think that a typical character level system is too linear for we want to do. In Moon Child, players’ll have total freedom to go anywhere they desire at any moment. A system progression based on gear perfectly fits [to] this idea of freedom. For example, every sword will have their own skills and combos. Players can choose to craft the sword which fits with their combat style. Moreover, they can refine their gear in order to obtain more skills. Of course, we are adding monsters with a specific weak point from a weapon [to] encourage them to craft all gear sets. With this system, player[s] need to learn new combos all the time, so every fight will be fresh and new.

The concept of having your weapons level has been used before, but to this degree in an open world game it feels fresh again. And I think that's the take away about this game. It's a tried, tested and true open world formula, but with a fresh coat of ideas to make me crave it that much more.

Keeping tabs on Moon Child

So from here, Moon Child's future is up to you, the reader. Kefir Games has the heart to make something special. Spread the word about this game by either tweeting at their studio, or sharing your thoughts below

This game needs more buzz around it. Two people as dedicated as this, making a game together, can only help the ecosystem of amazing experiences down the road.

Name: Moon Child

Creator: Kefir Games

Genre: RPG

Platforms: PC

Release Date: TBC

What do you think of Moon Child? The developers will be reading your comments!


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