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The modding community that revolves around the world of is vast. You may choose to turn Deathclaw into "Macho Man" Randy Savage, or simply cheat and buff your survivor beyond belief. Either way, the ability to modify your game-playing experience in now ubiquitous and easy, considering it was once only possible by hacking the interface on your computer, or doing some rather dodgy alterations to the disk. Although the developers may frown upon this practice, you can't deny modding's become one of the most popular practices among gamers.

Which Way Do You Roll?

So what's the big deal surrounding this groundbreaking modification? Well, the Immersive Toilet Paper addition allows you to have the toilet paper, which is adjacent to every toilet in the game, finally be oriented in the over position. Justice! OK, maybe it doesn't seem that important, but trust me, it sure was annoying. Like, what sort of monster has the toilet paper hanging under? Maybe included this, just to see how in-depth would go. Very deep, was the answer. We must all praise Jet4571 and Elianora for this modding achievement.

To the people who prefer their toilet paper to hang under, reevaluate your life choices, please. You can access the mod here, where the creators describe the mod simply:

I turned the toilet paper roll around. That's it to make the most immersive mod ever! I had to make the esp for the replacer because for some reason the game refused to use the new version in the prewar player home.

So it seems even the game did not want the paper hanging the right way!

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The Moddiest Of Mods

While I've got you here, it would be criminal to avoid taking a look at some of the best modifications created for Fallout 4, so here are what I believe to be the best mods you can access right now.

The Unofficial Fallout 4 patch

Improved map with visible roads

Manufacturing extended


Pre-war location unlocked

And of course...

So what would you say is the most effective modification? Bonus question: Do you prefer your toilet paper to hang under or over? Let us know in the comments below. And for the sheer joy of it, check out the trailer below for Fallout 4: Nuka-World.


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