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is hard work, yo. All that gathering, building, smelting, farming and schlepping around. That's for suckers, man. For today's instant gratification lifestyle, here are the most useful Minecraft cheats and console commands that you can use to save time, collect more resources, hold on to precious items, change the weather, and more.

The Best Minecraft Cheats Every Player Should Know

Minecraft allows , but forces you to be pretty upfront about selling your soul for your cheat powers at the beginning of a session. The "Allow Cheats" option must be set to "On" when creating a new world for cheat codes to work at all. Once you've done this, here's how you go about being master of the universe.

While playing the game in Single Player mode, press C or T to bring up the command bar. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the desired cheat effect.

Game Modes

These cheats will let you change the game mode during the session.

  • Change to Survival mode: /gamemode 0
  • Change to Creative mode: /gamemode 1
  • Change to Adventure mode: /gamemode 2
  • Change to Spectator mode: /gamemode 3


These cheats stop some automatic processes of the game from working. Especially useful is being able to keep your items after death.

  • Disable Command Block outputs: /gamerule commandBlockOutput false
  • Disable death messages: /gamerule showDeathMessages
  • Disable fire spread: /gamerule doFireTick false
  • Disable time cycle: /gamerule doDaylightCycle false
  • Keep your items after death: /gamerule keepInventory true

Killer Kodes

Exactly what it says on the tin. Finish them!

  • Kill a random player: /kill @r
  • Kill all entities: /kill @e
  • Kill all players: /kill @a
  • Kill the nearest player: /kill @p

Time changes

Minecraft time has a 24 hr cycle, with the first hour beginning at dawn. 6am is 0, 7am is 1000, 8am 2000, 10pm 16000. Day and night are important in Minecraft, as there are hostile monsters and hazards that only spawn at night. We recommend memorizing midnight and noon cheats for quick day/night switches.

  • Set time to midnight: /time set 18000
  • Set time to noon: /time set 6000

Status Effects

These cheats will change something about a player. You can choose which player, how long this cheat lasts, the the value of the effect.

  • Absorption: /effect [player name] 22 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Blindness: /effect [player name] 15 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Fire Resistance: /effect [player name] 12 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Haste: /effect [player name] 3 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Health Boost: /effect [player name] 21 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Hunger: /effect [player name] 17 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Instant Damage: /effect [player name] 7 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Instant Health: /effect [player name] 6 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Invisibility: /effect [player name] 14 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Jump Boost: /effect [player name] 8 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Mining Fatigue: /effect [player name] 4 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Nausea: /effect [player name] 9 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Nightvision: /effect [player name] 16 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Poison: /effect [player name] 19 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Regeneration: /effect [player name] 10 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Resistance: /effect [player name] 11 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Saturation: /effect [player name] 23 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Slowness: /effect [player name] 2 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Speed: /effect [player name] 1 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Strength: /effect [player name] 5 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Water Breathing: /effect [player name] 13 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Weakness: /effect [player name] 18 [seconds] [level 1-255]
  • Wither: /effect [player name] 20 [seconds] [level 1-255]

Convenience and combat cheats:

These cheats will help you make the game easier, avoid damage and deal with pesky mobs.

  • Teleport: /tp [TargetPlayer]
  • Summon Creature: /summon
  • Fire TNT block at target: /cannon
  • Flood the world: /atlantis
  • Mobs can’t deal any damage to you: /mobdamage
  • Turn the creature you’re facing into a mount: /ride
  • One-click mining with any tool: /instantmine
  • Stops mobs in their tracks: /freeze
  • Turn fall damage on and off: /falldamage
  • Turn fire damage on and off: /firedamage
  • Turn water damage on and off: /waterdamage
  • Turn all items into their smelted form: /superheat
  • Grow planted seed: /instantplant
  • Store all inventory items into nearby chest: /dropstore
  • Weapons don't receive damage or degrade: /itemdamage
  • Copy+drop equipped item stack: /duplicate

Other tips:

These aren't cheats, but super useful commands to have.

  • Rainbow sheep: Name sheep "jeb_" to make its wool continuously change color.
  • Display framerate: While playing the game, hold [F3].
  • Show current lag: While playing the game, hold [F6].
  • Toggle view: In Survival mode, press [F5] to switch to third person.
  • Rain: While playing the game in Creative mode, press [F5] to make it rain.
  • Instant village seed: Seed "/gimmeabreak /" to start facing the sun, with a village directly behind you.

Happy crafting, you lazy cheater!

Just kidding, good buddy. No judgement here, you do you. For more Minecraft goodness, check out just one of the amazing accomplishments made in one of the best PC games of all time:

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