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There are so many gaming YouTubers you could spend your time watching. In fact there are probably more channels dedicated to gaming than any other topic on the site! Picking one to hone in on can be a bit of a challenge, but it seems the world is often in agreement when it comes to geeking out with content creators on the old Y to the T.

The Most Viewed YouTube Gaming Channels In The World Last Month

With data provided by OpenSlate, we gain an insight into the top ranking channels based on statistics collected over a specific timeframe. It shows which countries watch YouTube videos more frequently, where the most popular YouTubers are from, who makes the most money and the amount of views they rack up on a monthly basis. It's pretty fascinating! So, without further ado, let's break them all down and take a look at the results with the top 5 gaming channels of last month.

5. Markiplier

You'll generally find US gamer Markiplier in the top ten when it comes to gaming channels. His content is varied, featuring Let's Plays, compilation videos, sketches and general antics with some his YouTube buddies. Last month alone the man managed to rake in 196.6 million views. Sweet Mary, mother of Jesus. How does he still have a voice after all that roaring? I'm impressed. Anyone here a fan of the loud, shouty dude?

  • Average views a month: 190 million
  • Total number of views: 7,139,839,099
  • Subscribers: 17,200,000

4. Fernanfloo

The South American gamer is... well, beloved. If you check out the video above you can see what his attendance at particular events can generate (madness). He plays all sorts of games, from really strange projects that you've likely never heard of to GTA V. It'll be hard to understand him for those of you that don't speak Spanish (obviously) but you'll get an idea of the kind of insane energy and ridiculous antics he gets up to by basking in his compilation clip above. Last month he managed to accumulate 197.2 million views.

  • Average views a month: 190 million
  • Total number of views: 4,921,424,260
  • Subscribers: 21,100,000

3. JuegaGerman

Another South America streamer, world-famous Chilean vlogger Germán Garmendia shot up last month and managed to rake in 229.3 million views (he also earned the most money out of any YouTuber last month). Man, what on earth?! That's incredible! This particular video above is over thirty minutes long and managed to bring in over 8 million views on its own. He plays a lot of Minecraft, gets involved in a few ridiculous sketches and continues to speak in a language that I do not understand (that of the internet lol). Let's see how he compares with the others.

  • Average views a month: 180 million
  • Total number of views: 4,684,412,724
  • Subscribers: 19,000,000

2. TheDiamondMinecart

The gaming creator at the forefront of StyleHaul’s male-oriented Hauk initiative is yet another YouTuber famous for his relationship with Minecraft. Though he has a few other ventures that he likes to pursue, the guy continuously uploads sketches and Let's Plays to his channel on a semi-daily basis. He's a lot more calm and centered than some of the other individuals on the list and seems like a genuinely nice chap. Good for him, I guess! Anyone a fan of his work?!

  • Average views a month: 220 million
  • Total number of views: 9,817,452,886
  • Subscribers: 14,800,000

1. PopularMMOs

This is the second month in a row that PopularMMOs have claimed the top spot, with last month's figures coming in at 248.6 million views. "Your source for epic Minecraft content!" reads their about page, and boy do they feature a lot of it. The team's staples include Minecraft Mob Battles and Arena Battles, Epic Modded Let's Plays, Mod Showcases and Minecraft Mods Vs Maps. What with Minecraft being one of the most popular games of all time, it's no wonder that the number one gaming YouTube account plays the game almost exclusively.

  • Average views a month: 230 million
  • Total number of views: 8,278,216,265
  • Subscribers: 11,300,000

Top 100 Channels By County

Here's just another insight into the world of YouTube gaming. Below you'll see the countries where the top 100 channels on the site come from and how many in the top 100 they boast.

  • United States: 34 channels in the Top 100.
  • Spain: 10 channels in the Top 100.
  • Great Britain: 9 channels in the Top 100.
  • Brazil: 8 channels in the Top 100.
  • Russia: 6 channels in the Top 100.
  • Japan: 4 channels in the Top 100.
  • Germany: 3 channels in the Top 100.
  • Argentina, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Romania, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine: 2 channels each in the Top 100.
  • Australia, Chile, El Salvador, Sweden: 1 channel each in the Top 100.

Crazy stuff! Are you big into watching gaming channels on YouTube

(Sources: TubeFilter, OpenSlate)


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