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In the tense political climate that has characterized the lead-up to this presidential election, a few nuggets of political satire are cropping up in video games. One boisterous candidate with a somewhat larger-than-life personality is turning out to be a popular figure of fun, although works are careful to skirt around his name.

Of particular note is Mr. President, a self-proclaimed 'dumb physics game' from Game Developer X, which presents players with an alarming scenario:

You play as Dick “Rock-Hard” Johnson a bulletproof man, the best bodyguard money can buy. He is sworn to protect the most hated presidential candidate of all time Ronald Rump. Liberal media has rigged the election and tarnished his glowing public image, now they are trying to end his life.

As Dick Johnson runs towards Rump the game switches into the familiar slow motion 'bullet time', but I guess you have to scream 'Noooooooo!' at home yourself. The stakes are high and the Liberal Media aren't screwing around this time.

This game has the best physics, believe you me

The pen is mightier than the sword, but is the laptop mightier than the rifle?
The pen is mightier than the sword, but is the laptop mightier than the rifle?

The game's physics are as silly as promised, with the seemingly indestructible bodyguard writhing and bending in various weird ways while the environment collapses around him.

It's your job to protect President Rump, but despite your high level of professional integrity you might not want to let him off easy if you don't support his policies. How about some heroic life-saving with a free roundhouse kick to the stomach?

Or a body slam?

Or a sweep?

It looks simple, but it takes real skills to trump those socialists

Particularly once the Liberal Media expands their arsenal

Nevertheless, there's always time for tickles

He does a lot of business in China

Honestly, I think that sassy shimmy betrays where Dick Johnson's true loyalties lie

I mean, doesn't it remind you of anyone?

Mr. President forgets to cover his rump


Steam users have their say

If one thing's for certain, it's that voters have some pretty divisive opinions on Donald Trump, and that's no less true of Mr President.


Still, there are plenty of satisfied customers

But the real question is...


Would you take a bullet for Trump?


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