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If you didn't happen to catch Season 7 premiere, you've probably already seen what happened — fan or the show or not. Seriously, the internet is going crazy over last night's arguably too-violent premiere. In the midst of all the Negan-breaks-Rick's-soul action, you might have seen Negan's "right-hand man" and thought he looked familiar.

Well, that's because he is! Simon is played by actor Steven Ogg, who most recently made waves by starring in a video of what a real-life version of GTA V would look like. But he's also played a number of notable, although smaller, roles in recent years.

And yes, they're all bad guys.

1. Trevor In 'Grand Theft Auto V'

Okay, this one was probably obvious, but if the above real-life GTA V video didn't give it away, Steven Ogg does play Trevor in GTA V. The character not only bears a striking resemblance to Ogg and shares his voice, he also had all his motion capture performed by Ogg.

In other words, Trevor is pretty damn similar to his real-life counterpart.

2. Rubus, The Creepy Cowboy Of 'Westworld'

Do you love Westworld as much as I do? You should, because it's great. But if Steven Ogg's character the only exposure to the show, then I couldn't blame you for being a little apprehensive.

See, Ogg plays a super-effed-up cowboy who, outside of making really disturbing remarks about necrophilia, likes to pour milk on corpses before letting it spill all over him. It's... yeah, I don't really know. But Ogg sure as hell plays the part!

3. Sobchak, The Gun For Hire In 'Better Call Saul'

Here's another one you should really be watching: Better Call Saul. Again, Ogg's role is relatively small, but he plays it to maximum effect. Oh, and of course he's still no one I'd ever call a "good guy."

The flip side here is that Mike Ehrmantraut totally kicks butt here and manages to make Ogg's character look like a fool. So if you've seen Ogg in any of his audience-aggravating roles, this clip is for you.

4. A Douchey Boyfriend On 'Person of Interest'

All right, this one is super minor but it ties in nicely to the rest because Ogg not only plays a controlling boyfriend who insults some military men, but also because it marks yet another appearance in a Jonathon Nolan show.

Yes, for those unaware, Jonathon Nolan is credited as creating both Person of Interest and Westworld. So if he somehow finds time to create another series (or movie), I'd keep an eye out for Ogg doing Ogg things.

5. A Mercenary Leader In 'Rush'

Did you know there was a mini-series based on the Battlefield games? Because I didn't. But there is, and it stars Steven Ogg. Unlike his other roles, he's actually a main character with 10 episode credits and he's maybe not entirely bad. Maybe?

I mean, he's a mercenary who clearly has his own interests put first, but he's also willing to help the protagonist so that has to count for something.

6. And Several Other Credits Befitting Ogg

These are likely the most notable places you may have recognized Ogg, but he's been in a number of other titles, too. My favorite definitely comes from Space Dogs, but I'll let you decide which his best role came from:

  • Third Watch as "Shooter"
  • Space Dogs as "Homicidal Doctor"
  • Broad City as "Creepy Locksmith"
  • Origami as "Stranger"
  • And a lot more

Ogg, you are truly an inspiration to anyone who wants to play mustachioed creepers. Keep on creepin' on, Ogg.

From which role do you know Ogg best?


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