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Have you got your hands on a NES Classic? If so... can I borrow it for a little while when you're bored? Because thanks to a significant lack of stock, and other inhabitants of the internet being generally on the ball when it comes to pre-ordering stuff, the NES Classic Edition has become a pipe dream for the vast majority of consumers wanting to sample sweet, sweet nostalgia this November.

After hitting the stores last week, major video game stockists such as GameStop, Target and Best Buy had to issue tickets to queue-bound fans, and limit them to one console per customer due to stock being so low and demand being astronomically high. Amazon and other online retailers simply ran out. Toys R Us sold out nationwide. Man, how are we supposed to get this thing?!

The NES Classic, Now Selling For Thousands Of Dollars

Nintendo attempted to allay the sadness with a few tweets:

But telling people to be patient doesn't really disguise the fact that... maybe more should have been stocked in the first place.


Naturally this dearth led to a plethora of nefarious listings popping out of the green pipes of eBay, with the NES Classic, a $60 console, being sold for as much as $999. Ars Technica did the math and discovered, after analyzing 100 NES Classic eBay listings, that the console was selling at an average of $183.52. Though a listing that I've found has a NES Classic on sale for $100 short of $5000.

This isn't the first time Nintendo have been rather lackluster with stock of their goods. When the Nintendo Wii was first released, you couldn't get your hands on one for love nor money. The same with the Red & Blue New bundle.

With all of that in mind, if you would rather not hang around for more stock to release, you could always spring for getting your hands on an actual NES, as opposed to an emulator in a little grey box. At the current time of looking, there are a few NES units going on eBay for less than $150, including games and extra controllers.

Or you could, you know, simply download a good emulator yourself...

Have you got a NES Classic?


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