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Hark, my necro-nerdy children of the night. The bats have left the bell tower and that sonorous chime tolls for thee, Castlevania fans. The trailer for Netflix's animated adaptation has dropped, and it's a thing of dark beauty.

Before the trailer even teases any series content, it lays the nostalgia on thick with a cute little framing device. In the intro, an offscreen user loads a Castlevania cartridge into a NES (taking care to blow on it first), which displays a selection of series (including House of Cards, Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black) complete with 8-bit retro graphics.

Once Castlevania is selected from the menu, we're treated to the trailer proper:

While the teaser footage is brief, there are a few important points we can take away from it.

Three Is The Magic Number

It's clear from the trailer that that the following three things are confirmed:

  • 1. It's going to be an adaptation of Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse.
  • 2. There'll be three main characters, Trevor Belmont (whip-wielding vampire hunter), Alucard (long haired pretty boy with a sword and Dracula's son), and Sypha Belnades (the sorceress).
  • 3. They weren't kidding about that 'R' rating, this is going to be bloody.

Between this and their live action Witcher series, it seems like Netflix is really aiming to capture the hearts (and subscriptions) of true gamers, particularly those into gritty dark fantasy. If this trend continues, we've got our own top picks as to which games we'd like to see get the Netflix treatment, whether as animated series or live-action epics.

Although Dracula's Curse wouldn't be my favorite Castlevania title (that would be the superb Symphony of the Night), it looks like Adi Shankar's upcoming adaptation is going to be a deliciously brutal affair that cleaves close to the style of the games. It's certainly managed to get some blood pumping, even in my black undead heart.

Castlevania is set for release on July 7, 2017.


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