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Having your brain plopped into a cyborg robot body can be a little disorienting at first, particularly when all the other cyborg robots seem to want you dead. So what can you do to make sure your last bits of living tissue don't end up splattered across a wall?

Here are a few tips to help you scuttle, hover or roll your way through NeuroVoider.

5. Run like hell

The unfortunate reality of being barely alive in a world filled with robots who want you very much dead is that they will all try to make that dream a reality, sometimes in very, very large numbers.

This is when it is advisable to do what you do best: cock your weapons, stare into the oncoming horde, and run. Or roll. Or hover. Really, just do what you must to get away. Call it a "tactical retreat," if it helps. Sometimes your weapons, armor, or the environment just aren't suited to the battle at hand, so get yourself to a position where they are.

4. Upgrade

Possibly the biggest improvement following the robot apocalypse is that no one will ever be asked "do you even lift?" ever again. Instead, one can simply toss a few credits away to upgrade their appendages and built-in weapons systems. And please make sure to do so. No amount of bravado will save you from the tidal wave of killer party robots.

3. Explore

Image from Thomas Altenburger, Twitter
Image from Thomas Altenburger, Twitter

While the rest of the robots are busy partying, the human spirit of exploration lives on through your brain, so use it! Explore every last nook and cranny of the procedurally generated levels, if not to advance human understanding, than simply to find all the awesome guns. You'll need 'em.

2. Test your weapons

Some guns you'll be good with. Some guns you'll suck with. Such is the nature of guns. So before you dive into the ocean of killer bots, you should probably know which it will be. Luckily, you can test your new weapons, so you shouldn't be caught spraying when you wanted to splash, or exploding when you wanted to zap.

1. Don't die

Did you enjoy being a lonely brain in a tube? No, I didn't think so. If you don't wanna be stuck back there, then whatever you do, don't die. Do you want the remnant of humanity to remain suspended in green, red, orange or blue fluid? No?

Then do not die, because that's where you'll end up again, every single time you die. Back where you began. Get it? Good. Now you're prepped and ready to go.

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