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Four years have passed since the last entry in the Devil May Cry franchise from — even longer if you look back to the last numbered entry released over nine years ago in early 2008. Ouch.

Fans are growing restless. News regarding the series has been virtually nonexistent, and when some did surface it was usually far from encouraging. For example: The latest entry under-performed in terms of sales and Capcom has gone as far as to publicly declare they have no plans to continue the franchise.

Many have long begun to wonder if we've indeed seen the last of Dante and his signature brand of stylish demon-slaying action. However, diligent, eagle-eyed fans and media outlets have managed to catch several clues over the past couple of years which indicate that a new installment may very well be on the way.

A New Devil May Cry Game Approaches

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition's success could mean the series has a future [Credit: Capcom]
Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition's success could mean the series has a future [Credit: Capcom]

The first major clues were the re-release of DmC: Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 4 in 2015 and their subsequent financial success. While re-releases, collections and definitive editions are never a surefire sign that a new entry in a series is on the way, they do have a history of indicating that a company is at least considering the idea. Strong sales in particular have been known to tip the scales in favor of those theoretical new entries. With this in mind, Devil May Cry fans have been left optimistic after both re-releases managed to perform extremely well.

The next clue came shortly after, in October 2015. In a company Integrated Report, an annual breakdown of the company's financials, direction for the future, etc., Devil May Cry was explicitly listed in the section for future Capcom releases planned for beyond fiscal year 2016 (after March 31, 2016). While not concrete, because things can and do change constantly in the games industry, this indicates that as of late 2015, Capcom at least had internal plans to release at new Devil May Cry.

Also adding fuel to the fire was the fact that Dead Rising and Resident Evil were listed in that same section. At the time, neither franchise had a new entry announced yet. Nevertheless, Dead Rising 4 was announced and released in 2016 while Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was announced in 2016 and released in 2017. With multiple games from that future section having become a reality, there's reason to be optimistic that other listed franchises, like Devil May Cry, will be following shortly.

Rumors continued to swirl even after the Capcom report. A new one emerged in summer 2016 when Shacknews reported that Devil May Cry 5 had been listed on the resume of Norwegian voice actor, Nils Hognestad. Shortly following the report, the listing was removed from his resume. Something to hide, perhaps? You don't list something that doesn't exist on your resume (at least I don't!).

That brings us to our most recent clue. A high-profile developer at Capcom, Hideaki Itsuno, teased on his Twitter account that he hopes to announce his new game in 2017. Why is this a big deal? Well, Itsuno is the director of Devil May Cry 2, 3 and 4 as well as Dragon's Dogma. Him having something new on the way should pique the interest of every DMC fan out there.

Hideaki Itsuno directed most of the Devil May Cry series [Credit: Itsuno's Twitter]
Hideaki Itsuno directed most of the Devil May Cry series [Credit: Itsuno's Twitter]

It's Finally Happening?

So, is there a Devil May Cry 5 on the way? Well, let's recap!

We have:

  • Highly successful re-releases for the two latest entries in the series.
  • Capcom listing the franchise as a significant future release.
  • A voice actor explicitly listing the game on their resume.
  • The series' longtime director teasing a new project he's working on.

There's a lot of smoke here. Lots of signs are pointing to the fact that a new Devil May Cry is in development. But with that said, it's impossible to say for certain whether or not Devil May Cry 5 really is happening until one actually gets announced.

If you're a fan of the franchise just know that there's enough rumors floating around to grant reason for optimism. Perhaps we will even hear something next month at E3?

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