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Fans have been waiting 5 years for Gears of Wars 4 not knowing what this latest title will bring. We've been hoping for more cover-and-duck fast paced shooter fun and it looks like we're getting all that and more.

How do we know? Microsoft recently released a new trailer from stitched-together made from the game cinematics, and from it we're digging into all the details. First, be sure to watch the trailer below.

1. 25 Years Later We Follow a New Generation of Characters, Including Fenix's Son

In this installment, you are playing the son of Marcus Fenix, his estranged son J.D. Fenix voiced by Liam McIntyre. You are also joined by Delmont "Del" Walker voiced by Eugene Byrd and Kait Diaz voiced by Laura Bailey.

There is a full single-player campaign for you to play through that explores a new threat to the colonists on the planet. Needless to say, that threat will have to be put down with plenty of ammunition.

2. Vehicle Combat is Coming to Gears of War

We see a few scenes of J.D. and his buddies taking out the enemy while on some badass motorcycles. There are ramps, explosions, and driving as well as shooting positions.

No word on which position you can play. We're hoping you get to choose as some of us are better at driving while others are sharp shooters. Either way, we're looking forward to this new element to the franchise.

3. The Weather Is Drastic and Will Affect Gameplay

The game takes place on the planet Sera where the alien Locust were wiped out in GoW3 25 years earlier. Unfortunately, the weaponry used to destroy the invaded horde has wrecked havoc on the weather.

What that means for GoW4 is environmental conditions that can alter and affect gameplay. This weather will included everything from a cool breeze that gently blows the leaves on the trees showing off your badass graphics card to hurricane level winds that change the battlefield dynamics such as throwing off projectile weapons like grenades.

4. Mech Combat is in The Mix

There's a quick cut series of scenes that show J.D. climbing into a mech and then a group of them lumbering down the street. So prepare for some Titanfall-level fun in addition to the Tron-cycles and wind-based physics.

5. Duck and Cover Combat Is Still a Mainstay

Combat in Gears of War 4 heavily utilizes the cover-based gameplay the franchise is known for. By hiding behind rocks, tables, walls, and other assorted objects in the field, you can either pop up to fire back at your opponents or reach your gun over cover to pop off a few blind shots. There is also the always up-close-and-personal knife attacks or Lancer chainsaws if things get sticky.

A new option is that the cover is destructible so if you can't get a clean shot at the enemy or flank them, you can now take out whatever they are using to hide behind.

6. Monsters May Be Able To Use Your Weaponry

Early on in the trailer, J.D. and his friends are given access to an armory including a sweet rifle with a chainsaw at the end. Unfortunately, later in the trailer, we see one of the monstrosities they are fighting pick up that very same weapon with a devilish grin on what passes for its face.

So...can the monsters use our weapons against us? Can we be disarmed? Can we disarm them and gain superior weaponry that way? This could open up some seriously interesting gameplay mechanics. If the monsters don't put a plasma blast-shaped hole in our head first, that is.

7. Solo Play Is Hugely Important, but There Will Be Tons of Multiplayer

What we're seeing in this trailer is the solo campaign. A lot of the solo campaign as J.D. Fenix and his friends uncover the truth behind the corporation that runs the settlement on Sera as well as the monsters themselves. But there's more to the game than that.

The PvP modes are what most players are going to be drawn to. Gears 4 offers modes such as Arms Race which equips your team with the same weapons but swaps that weapon every four kills and Escalation which increases respawn timers as the match progresses.

And, of course, the popular co-op Horde mode that game has become known for where players fend off wave after wave of incoming enemies.

Coming Soon

Gears of War 4: Ultimate Edition launches October 4th on Xbox One and PC, while the regular edition launches on October 11th for everyone else. It is part of the Microsoft Play Anywhere initiative so buying it digitally means being able to play it on both platforms.

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