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Ad Infinitum is definitely unlike any other video game that takes place on the battlefields of WWI. It's a totally new spin on the first person historic military game. Instead of just presenting itself as another retelling of a battlefield story, Ad Infinitum depicts an alternate version of WWI, where horrifying monsters stalk soldiers in the trenches of 1910s Europe.

Check out the trailer below.

Ad Infinitum focuses on a lone soldier running through the trenches on the border of No Man's Land during . The trailer doesn't offer much in regards to plot details or the game's dynamic but it should be interesting nonetheless.

There are tons of war based shooters out there but no one has really integrated a horror type gameplay into the setting of WWI. Some would argue that Necrovision (2009) was the first to put horror into a WWI era game, but that game was still somewhat of a shooter, whereas Ad Infinitum looks like a horror experience more akin to #Amnesia or , where all you can do is run and hide.

Regardless of how little we know about the game, Ad Infinitum is probably one of the games you should be looking forward to. But don't count on seeing it at next weekend, it's only just been announced on Steam's Greenlight program.

You can follow Ad Infinitum's updates and vote for it on Steam Greenlight.


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