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We didn't even have to wait for E3. A surprise Kingdom Hearts III trailer debuted at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour. The gorgeous new trailer is filled with plenty of over the top combat, and story bits that will make series veterans gush.

And if you were ever worried about rumors of Kingdom Hearts III no longer coming to Xbox One, you can put those to bed as this new trailer reconfirms the game will release on both PS4 and Xbox One.

The Trailer Makes It Clear, You Really Need To Play The Other Games

If your last game was II on PS2, you're in for a rude awakening. The trailer makes it clear, you'll need to be caught up on every Kingdom Hearts game to date. Despite the title, Kingdom Hearts III is actually the tenth game in the series, just as II was actually the third.

With thirty seconds or so of the trailer focused on cut-scenes, we can already see a couple of things going on. Maleficent and Pete are back and looking for the "black box", from Kingdom Hearts 2.8. Sora is seen talking with Xemnas and Xehanort's Heartless about freeing Roxas. Xemnas tells Sora, Roxas was never supposed to exist and that in order to free him, Sora will finally have to call upon darkness.

If you have questions about all of that, well good news, for PlayStation gamers anyway. You can still get all the Kingdom Hearts games with 1.5 + 2.5 Collection and 2.8. Xbox fans are out of luck. But, hey! It is E3, so there's always the chance could port these titles over.

Will We See More Kingdom Hearts At E3?

While the trailer was showcased ahead of the Sony and Microsoft press conferences, don't expect to see more. At this trailer's end is an tease for another trailer set to release July 15th as part of this year's D23. With it will come the first look of a brand new world. Frozen is inevitable, so maybe we can have Toy Story. Seriously, don't let those Pixar properties go to waste, or Marvel, or Star Wars. Just bring 'em all in.

If Kingdom Hearts III does make an appearance at E3, it's likely we'll see this trailer attached to either Microsoft or Sony's press conference. Hopefully that'll​ happen with some English voice-over, in which case, the game may not be as far off as we thought.

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