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Mass Effect: Andromeda has had Mass Effect fans at a fever pitch since its most recent trailer. Tonight, BioWare debuted new gameplay at The Game Awards. The footage included both new setting details and a deeper glimpse at Andromeda's combat.

Mass Effect: Andromeda takes place 600 years after the conclusion of the original trilogy and focuses on an expedition to the Andromeda galaxy which went into cryo-sleep prior to the events of Mass Effect 3. As tonight's footage began, BioWare explained not every member of the expedition got along in the end: many members of the expedition were exiled or turned outlaw, becoming warring factions in the sector. Ryder, the playable protagonist, is shown facing off with one such warlord, accompanied by two new squadmates: a female Turian and a Krogan.

The footage also showed off a mechanic similar to Batman's Detective Vision from the Arkham franchise or Geralt's Witcher Sense from The Witcher. Through a projected HUD, Ryder can see hints and clues in the environment, aiding in investigations.

As the footage switches to combat, we see Andromeda's combat in action for the first time. Long-time Mass Effect fans will recognize the Biotic Charge, a combat slide/dodge, and the old favorite ammo types such as Disruptor Ammo to deal with robotic enemies.

Ryder also uses a projected shield to take cover anywhere on the battlefield and combines the old favorites with the new jetpack. A Biotic Charge from mid-air? Absolutely.

From what was shown, we can also see the worlds we explore in Mass Effect appear as lush and populated as any open world fantasy RPG. Ryder not only comes into conflict with criminals, warlords, and other sapient threats, but fights her (or his) way through the local flora and fauna in search of the galaxy's scant resources, too.

The game is slated to release Spring 2017, but pre-orders are available right now.

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