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EA and Capital Games' hit mobile title Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes has recently kicked up a fair bit of spacedust on the forums of the web after a Reddit user managed to work out the shocking cost behind unlocking the game's new characters.

Making a concerted drive to include Rogue One in their ever expanding roster, EA has drafted Director Krennic and the dastardly Deathtrooper into the collectable card game, but my Lord will there be a price for getting your hands on these two cronies.

Citadel Pack [Credit: Capital Games/EA]
Citadel Pack [Credit: Capital Games/EA]

In order to get your hands on Galaxy of Heroes' new villains, you will have to buy the game's new Citadel Packs, which cost around $20 a pop. Now seeing as these characters are remarked as two of the best in the game, you'll want to max them out pretty swifty, right?

Well in order to level up your villains, you'll have to shell out for more Citadel Packs! Each Pack contains five shards needed for giving your characters a kick up the XP meter, and it seems as if you'll need 55 packs (275 shards) to get your characters to their apex of power (dramatically closes fist).

55 packs, man! That's like... at $20 a pack... $1100?!

That's Not The Deal We Were Looking For

I feel you, starbro... [Credit: Lucasfilm]
I feel you, starbro... [Credit: Lucasfilm]

Now we all know Disney will do pretty much anything to recoup the $4.05 billion spent on acquiring Lucasfilm in the first place, so I wouldn't put scamming the fanbase out of thousands of dollars past either them or EA to be honest.

Though maybe I'm being harsh on the corporations. There is a chance that when you buy a Citadel Pack you could get 30 shards instead of five, which lowers the amount of packs needed to level up by six packs. But getting 30 shards in the first place is a really difficult task to pull off.

*Inaudible grumblings about the state of the video game industry* [Credit: Disney]
*Inaudible grumblings about the state of the video game industry* [Credit: Disney]

AlbertMyers stated in their post that "if you started playing the game today and wanted those characters, you would actually need to buy 66 packs" in order to collect and fully max out Krennic and Deathtrooper, which will set you back a cool $1300. Plus it's worth noting that there's no other way of attaining shards in the game. You have to buy them.

A Disturbance In The Force

"You expect me to pay... how much?" [Credit: Lucasfilm]
"You expect me to pay... how much?" [Credit: Lucasfilm]

So the powers that are EA & Disney fully expect their fanbase to shell out thousands of dollars on a highly-rated mobile card game so they can get the designer of the Death Star and an obsidian-tinted stormtrooper that looks like it jumped out of The Lawnmower Man on their team? That's a little bit gross, don't you think?

Of course, you don't have to shell out for the packs, you can keep on gaming Galaxy Of Heroes however the heck you want. But it's the disgust that hits first, before the sensation of feeling strangely impressed. Hats off to EA for having the balls to pull this move off.

What do you think? Is this move unethical or fair for the market? Do you even play Galaxy Of Heroes?

[Source: Reddit]


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