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What's better than modding Fallout 4? Well, modding Fallout 4 with Fallout: New Vegas. That's a pretty solid idea.

And it's a project that one ambitious modder is taking up. The plan is simple: bring New Vegas's location into Fallout 4, and create a custom quest through the mod. Then after it's all done, release the map as a modding resource if anyone else wants to work with it.

Hey look, it's Primm! Source: Sir_Bumfrey
Hey look, it's Primm! Source: Sir_Bumfrey

Creator Sir_Bumfrey doesn't plan to fully recreate New Vegas, of course. Don't expect the entire game to be ripped into Fallout 4. Instead, New Vegas's buildings are being recreated completely from scratch, with slightly different textures than what was seen in the original game. And a custom quest, created by some of Sir_Bumfrey's friends, will feature in the game.

Here's a work-in-progress video. Keep in mind, the map is nowhere near close to done, but work seems to be going quite well.

Cool, right? All things considered, the plan is to create a replica of the New Vegas map that feels authentic. And so far, Sir_Bumfrey is hitting the mark.

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Modding Games Into Other Games is Pretty Popular

Source: Sir_Bumfrey
Source: Sir_Bumfrey

It's not uncommon to see modders recreate a classic game in another game's world. The Grand Theft Auto series traditionally saw this happen once the 3D generation hit, and it's still a very popular modding sensation within the GTA community

For instance, one mod for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City allows player to explore Grand Theft Auto III's Liberty City through the Vice City game engine. All players need to do is download the mod, load up Vice City, and play. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas received similar treatments, with both Liberty City and Vice City added into San Andreas thanks to the game's vibrant modding community.

Of course, the trend didn't stop with the 3D generation. Today, you can even play around with Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto V, all thanks to dedicated modders porting the game map over to the latest GTA release. Pretty awesome, no? Seeing how both games feature pretty realistic interpretations of their real-life counterparts -- the Greater New York City area for GTAIV, and California for GTA V -- it's a pretty hefty accomplishment.

Of course, this trend is popular in the Fallout community, too. Back in 2015, a group of modders were planning to bring the original Fallout 1 to Fallout: New Vegas, recreating the game and its story in 3D. While the project is currently on hiatus, a WIP gameplay video reveals that the team was able to successfully recreate the game's opening segment quite well. The start even includes the Vault Dweller's opening conversation with the Overseer.

Pretty interesting. Other modding projects have developed, too. Tale of Two Wastelands is a mod for Fallout: New Vegas that combines New Vegas with Fallout 3, allowing players to explore both wastelands in the same game. It's pretty useful, and considering how New Vegas is labeled the best of the two games, it's a much enjoyed attachment that also serves as a fan-made expansion (of sorts) to Fallout 3's world.

So what about Sir_Bumfrey's mod? Could his work join the hall of these mods, too? It's totally possible. The New Vegas expansion is a pretty excellent addition to Fallout 4, and we're eager to see where his work takes us over the coming months ahead. Either way, his work falls into a long legacy that continues to delight Fallout fans eager to combine their wasteland ventures.

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