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Though Magikarp stems from the very first generation of Pokémon, it's still one of the most mysterious and interesting pocket monsters out there. The harmless fish, only capable of performing the move Splash, hides more than a few secrets.

The strange carp-like creature can live to be very old and is a lot bigger than you might first think. Splash, a move that's useless in actual combat, allows the clumsy fish to leap high enough to scale mountains. On top of that, Magikarp's immune system is so strong it can survive in the world's most polluted waters.

You see, there's a lot more to Magikarp than meets the eye. Which is probably why The Pokémon Company is planning to release a game for iOS and Android that revolves around this specific Pokémon.

Two Mysterious Magikarp-shaped Holes

[Credit: The Pokémon Company]
[Credit: The Pokémon Company]

The new game is called Splash! Magikarp and was announced by The Pokémon Company on February 15, 2017. So far, there isn't much information to find on the game except from a teaser site for the title that seems to describe the basic plot behind the game.

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Here we see a newspaper article that mentions two mysterious Magikarp-shaped holes that has been discovered by a 27 year old fisherman in the middle of a town. And this picture, that seems to indicate a human-shaped hole as well:

[Credit: The Pokémon Company]
[Credit: The Pokémon Company]

No Word On An International Release

The pictures and the information on the teaser site could indicate some kind of hole-themed gameplay. Perhaps it has something to do with Magikarp's Splash and the Pokémon's ability to leap a great distance, which we guess would leave a cartoonishly sized hole wherever the creature landed.

We'll have to wait and see. Splash! Magikarp is set to release in Japan this spring, but there's still no official information regarding the game's international release.

What do you think about a Magikarp-themed game?


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