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The second DLC pack for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was announced today much to fans' excitement. The DLC, titled Continuum, will include four new multiplayer maps and a new zombies map: Shaolin Shuffle.

Following Willard Wyler's Call of Duty zombie tale, we have fought through a space-themed amusement park in the 1980s and raved in the Redwoods during the 1990s, now we jump back to the 1970's for a kung-fu showdown.

'70s Disco and New York Zombies

[Credit: Activision]
[Credit: Activision]

Shaolin Shuffle takes place in New York City during the height of the disco hysteria. The four main characters have been transported to the 1970s to take on an invasion of bell-bottom clad zombies. But that's not all, the fighting relies heavily on hand-to-hand combat with martial arts and kung-fu zombies at the center of the story.

[Credit: Activision]
[Credit: Activision]

Similar to the appearances by David Hasselhoff and Kevin Smith in the previous maps, this time around, you have the opportunity to fight alongside actress Pam Grier. She is stuck in Willard Wyler's world and serves as the kickass kung-fu master ready to make her escape.

More Call of Duty:

[Credit: Activision]
[Credit: Activision]

The personas of the playable characters also have a 1970s tweak to them as shared by Activision earlier today:

AJ aka the Sleazebag - Fresh from the rave and thrust onto the streets of NYC, AJ is back with a bang and ready to get the hell out of these movies. Decked out with the flyest outfit on the street and a silver tongue to match, our resident bad boy just took bad to a whole new level. With a little luck this is his chance to show Willard he’s a lot more than just a guy with style and good looks.

Andre aka the Street Poet - He’s never been one to shy away from a fight and Andre ain’t about to let that change in the 70s. Making a return to more a familiar locale, 70s NYC is in for the clean-up of a lifetime. The mic and guitar might be gone but don’t let that fool you, he’s more than ready to rock Willard to the grave, ya’ dig?

Poindexter aka the Punk Rocker - From pocket protectors to candy bracelets, Poindexter has been on one hell of a ride. Making his debut as a raging 70s punk rocker in Shaolin Shuffle, he is ready to give his favorite director a big taste of mayhem, one fist at a time. With an all-new rage and a wild enthusiasm for chaos he’s more than ready for his close-up. Anybody in the mood for a little...anarchy?

Sally aka the Disco Chick - Donning an outfit to die for, that sista’ with sass, Sally is back from the 90s and ready to hit the disco dance floor, 70s style! She might have ditched her original gangsta’ vibe but she ain’t about to let up on her zombie stomping ways. She’s saved the last dance for Willard and she’s just got a little something to whisper into his ear. Wanna dance…to death?

Yes, There Will Be Nunchucks

[Credit: Activision]
[Credit: Activision]

According to the trailer there will be nunchucks available as a weapon. More importantly, there will be zombies on roller skates and a new big bad that kind of resembles an evil Master Splinter. Check out the full trailer below and be sure you have the that mojo to save the dojo!

The Continuum DLC for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be available to users on April 18th, 2017 and available to other platforms at a later date.


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