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Please note, this article contains major spoilers.

Agnus Delaney is a bear character in who doesn’t talk much at first. Angus is almost always seen with Gregg, unless you visit him at work, and he doesn’t talk very much to you at all. At first, that makes him seem like either a simple character, or one with a secret backstory.

Mae does know Angus from before she went to college, however not much is actually known about him. He tends to add bits to the conversation when the gang (Mae, Gregg, Bae) are all hanging out, but Angus doesn’t say anything particularly interesting at first. He tends to just be the voice of reason and is very smart.

Angus is usually only seen with Gregg. Gregg is Mae’s best friend, and has a loud personality, so Angus doesn’t need to talk or interact with you too much. He seems to add little sentences to the conversation and is a pretty sensible person. You come to him when you computer is broken, and he is able to fix your computer and give you a cool video game to play on it. You first spend some time at length with Angus when you go to the Donut Wolf with Gregg and him.

Angus doesn’t seem happy about the trip to Donut Wolf — he was expecting to spend time with Gregg, but Gregg invited you along without actually consulting him. To make matters worse, on the way there the tire on the car he is driving pops. Angus wasn’t happy to start with, and this situation makes his anger significantly more intense.

You and Gregg know nothing about tires, so naturally Angus has to be the knowledgeable, sensible one. He rapidly ends up venting his frustration about always being the sensible and having to constantly think ahead when it comes to his life.

When the car is fixed and back on the road, he continues to be angry at Donut Wolf. Even though there are delicious donuts and happy music, Angus can’t shake the feeling that Gregg is neglecting any semblance of discipline when it comes to not committing crimes. He lays this blame, albeit partially, at your feet for being back in town, as you do encourage Gregg to commit more crimes.

Gregg is all Angus has, and Angus is working hard to try and get an apartment in a different town, away from this small area. This insight into Angus’ thoughts and emotions opens up some conversation about his past…

Despite being a calm natured guy, Angus grew up in an abusive household. He tells you about it while gazing at the stars with you in the park. His father didn’t like him and his mother didn’t feed him and left him locked in a closet sometimes. This compelled him to like cooking, as it turns out.

He use to try to develop psychic powers to stop the abuse he suffered, but it didn't work. Because of the abuse, he doesn’t believe in God or in ghosts, or anything supernatural. He has moved past his childhood, but it clearly has affected who he is as an adult.

Angus becomes more of a well rounded character once you learn about his backstory. He also becomes closer to you, Mae, as you both have bonded over the stars. Angus is still very focused on moving out of this small town and to a bigger, much more interesting town not so far away. He does spend most of his days working and focusing on his job.

Towards the end of the game, Angus tags along, experiencing the strange happenings with the gang. He doesn’t seem to process everything going on as well as the others, but he does have opinions on what is occurring. Regardless, it doesn’t seem to affect how he sleeps at night.

Though Mae doesn’t have some large revelation with Angus towards the end of the game, seeing a character that has overcome a rough and troubled past is very much needed in games. Angus is an extremely interesting character, despite being soft spoken and reasonable most of the time. His quietness is what drew me towards him, as I began wondering why he didn’t talk much. Angus and Gregg are a balanced couple and I hope they do get to the town they want to live in!

Facts about Angus Delaney

  • He wore fedoras in High School.
  • He and Gregg are the only openly queer characters currently in town.
  • He loves cooking.
  • He works at the Video Outpost “Too”.
  • He has asthma.
  • He sings in the band that you, Bae, and Gregg are all in.

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