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Towards the beginning of the game, mentions that Mae hasn’t had the most pleasant of pasts. It seems that she and her friend Gregg enjoy causing mischief all around the town. This rings true when the neighbor complains of having to call the cops on Mae quite a few times.

You get to play Mae during some of these minor crimes — not that they really cause any real damage. It's admittedly rather fun doing some “bad” things every once in awhile.

Mae has a very interesting personality, which is quite different from my own. Growing up, I wasn’t the mischievous type. I did what I was told and stayed out of trouble. Playing Mae however, I got to experience the joy of causing minor havoc on the community she lives in.

Mae’s aunt is a cop, so you would think she would be scared straight. However, Gregg is quite the partner in crime and very convincing. On top of that, Mae seems to rarely get in any trouble for her mischief!

The lightbulb batting game

When hanging out with Gregg, he suggests unusual things like smashing long lightbulbs with a bat out in the woods.

He literally throws batteries and halogen lightbulbs at you, while you attempt to hit them with the bat. This showers glass everywhere, littering the area with shards, and also the bulbs seemingly belong to the store Gregg works at!

Getting the timing right is a bit tricky in this fun little minigame, but destroying the lightbulbs in huge bursts of glass is very fun to do. You know deep down it’s not okay to be smashing glass all over the place, but the fun of it — combined with none of the consequences — makes it fun.

The car smashing game

Gregg also encourages Mae to smash even more things with a bat — this time an old car. He wants the car battery out of it, so you get to trash it until everything is a broken heap of wreckage. Before smashing it though, Mae does ask about the car and if anyone would miss it.

It looks like the car is abandoned so it might not be missed if destroyed, but it still isn’t good behavior! Once you get the car ruined enough, you can try to remove the car battery. This sort of punishes you for your sins, as you do get hurt when trying to remove the battery through brute force, but you end up fine in the end, so it doesn’t matter really.

The knife game

Another fun game Gregg encourages Mae to play involves stabbing each other over and over with a knife! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? In this case, Gregg and Mae are balancing on a fallen bit of tree, stuck in the air, stabbing each other until one of them chickens out. You are both quite stubborn, so you will be stabbing each other for quite a while.

Gregg supplies the knives, so it would make you a chicken to say no. Though this is a friendly bit of stabbing, someone could seriously get hurt, especially if the tree breaks below you both!

The belt shoplifting game

Even when Gregg isn’t hanging out with Mae, she still tries to cause some trouble! When going to the mall with Bae, you get the chance to steal a belt buckle from a store as well as convince Bea to steal one herself.

This act is easily done, until Bea has a go at it and you are stuck being the one with the designated role of "the distraction." You aren’t very good at being normal, or at distracting someone, but you both do get a belt in the end!

Bae, despite her uncaring appearance, doesn’t want to keep the stolen goods and convinces you to return them. Both of you get off without much hassle, but the tense rush of trying to get these belt buckles from the shop is still a thrill for the pair of you!

The attacking-strangers-with-a-giant-fish game

Also, while at the mall with Bae, you are able to take control of the fish statue in the middle of the mall and spray strangers with the hose! It's fun to get all the passers by soaking wet!

You are clearly doing this without permission and it took some time, and determination, to climb up to the top of the art work to get to the control box. Once again however, you get away with murder!

The town destruction game

Even in Mae’s dreams, you get to mess things up! One of Mae’s dreams allow you to smash up an entire town! Cars, buildings, lights, and even a statue — all for fun.

No one is around to see you smash everything, and you do have an objective of smashing specific items to progress in the dream, but man you sure can you do a lot of damage in this town!

I really enjoyed smashing the lights on the store and watching them flicker out, as if they were the stars in the sky and started to fade out of existence.

The grave digging game

As the story progresses, Mae starts partaking in more serious crimes, like breaking into people’s graves. Though this begins as a misunderstanding on her part, as Mae feels the need to destroy the gravestone and break open the coffin, all in search of a ghost she believes she will find.

Having never been in trouble before, Mae seems to feel a sense of far reaching freedom to continue to both do what she wants, and to destroy whatever she needs, in order to reach her goal. This is a more serious crime, though luckily for Mae, no one is around to notice so you actually get away with completely ruining someone’s grave.

The life of Mae is full of adventures — and petty crimes you can commit, if you are so inclined. These crimes don’t hurt anyone and have no consequences, so you can really do what you want.

Each of them have what I would almost describe as a little minigame, allowing you to take part directly in the act, before the scene ends. Night of the Woods is fun to play, and if you're up for some minor mischief, don’t pass up this opportunity to cause some harmless bedlam!


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