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In , Mae has some very intriguing interactive dreams. These dreams are very mysterious with lots of abstract aspects to them. At first, I thought that they directly related to the decisions I had made during my day as Mae, though after playing through a few nights worth of dreams, I feel they start to become similar regardless of the day's events. It's worth noting that only some nights result in a dream, other times Mae just wakes up.

Drunken dreams

Mae went out to a party one evening, and got blind drunk. After a ton of awkwardness between old school mates, she blurted out in front of everyone that at college, a statue always seemed to point at her. She felt anger towards the college, the people there, and that statue.

When she arrived home, she was barely conscious anymore, and passed out on the bed falling into a deep sleep. This is the first time I got to play inside the dreams of Mae. This dream started with Mae wielding a baseball bat of all things. You can then walk around the area, smashing cars, lights, signs — basically anything that is littered around. Some items need to be whacked a few times before they break, others shatter in one satisfying blow.

You can explore around until you find this statue — the same one Mae was talking about to her friends. You can smash this, though it still seems to break and point at you. Always pointing at you.

Mae hints at having a bad time at college, but never goes deeply into what happened or what was the breaking point that caused her to drop out. Clearly, she still feels deeply upset by the situation, and by that statue that stuck in her mind as another annoying aspect of college life. Destroying it in her dream helped her move on, at least it seems, to another day in her real life.

Some similarities

After that, the next few dreams Mae encounters are quite similar in their goal. Instead of destroying statues, you are creating beautiful music by finding different people playing instruments. This becomes a theme for future dreams, though there are some aspects of the day in each one. These dreams still are quite funky, each one unique and different in it’s own way.

Each dream has lanterns that light up as you walk by them and have plenty of places to jump up and explore.


The next day, I went out and searched for stars with Mae’s teacher. We found a few constellations that were then explained to me, before going on with the rest of my day and retiring to bed. This time, even though I was still discovering different people playing instruments, but there were the constellations, faded, in the sky.

After activating all of the music people and going back to the original place I appeared at, a giant bear appeared behind me, covered in electrical wires, before I woke up. This animal was very sudden and a bit frightening, but soon becomes a sort of ending to each dream Mae has from here on.

More music

The next dream was a little more challenging to work through. There are some different environments to explore, including a lake, and you must still activate the musical people, however this dream had a hidden area.

This hidden section of the game must be discovered to move on, so you have to jump around and look for something odd looking before figuring it out. Once inside, a giant squirrel showed up, taking over the screen, before waking up.

This dream, with a hidden area, is more interesting than the others. The hidden area is filled with junk — broken bits of other machinery. Mae had spent the day hanging out with her friend Gregg, constructing a robot out of stolen junk from around town.

Seeing this junk in her dream, seemed to link back to her day with Gregg, is a great touch. Gregg spoke to me that day about some hidden secrets in his relationship — about his partner’s parents and arguments lately. Gregg and his partner always look so happy, so having this hidden part of their life seems to be displayed by this aspect of the dream.

Subtle Changes

The next dream just has more jumbled buildings, neon signs, and more people hanging around in the dream. These small changes are that — small. It doesn’t make too much of a difference. The dream after that contained beautiful fish swimming around in it, based on some poems that Mae had heard that day about fish and frogs.

Dreams in Night in the Woods are extremely mysterious, full of darkness but highlighted by bright bits of colors. Each of these dreams have unique aspects, though the first dream was very different from the rest. I really enjoy trying to discover the ending to each dream and trying to piece together how it fits into my day to day life. Dreams are always really interesting and personal pieces of our lives, so it is really neat to see them shown in a game like this!

Other facts about Mae

  • Mae carries around a journal that she writes in whenever anything interesting happens.
  • Bae and Mae were best friends when they were in elementary school.
  • Mae has had severe anger issues in the past and now sees a therapist about it.
  • Mae and her mother went through a rough patch a few years ago, which is why she doesn’t tend to write about her mom’s characteristics in the journal.
  • Despite being a touch hot headed, Mae was one of her local teacher’s favorite students and is now invited to search for stars with him regularly.

Have you found anything I have missed in Mae's dreams? Let us know in the comments below.


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