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is a full game, packed with tons to do and many small mini-games to play around with. In addition to all of the amazing adventures you can go on in this lovely game, there are various little mini-game-esque aspects that are very fun to tinker around with.

Finding the stars

Every couple of days, you can climb onto the roof of your old teacher’s house to check out the stars with him. You can actually do this in the middle of the day as he has an amazing telescope he uses to find them.

The "Dusk Stars" are dotted around the sky, and as you move your telescope, waves will form around it. The more intense the waves become, the closer you are to finding a constellation. Once it is waving out of control, you can click on the star you are hovering over, and a constellation will appear.

You can only find a few constellations a day, all of which are explained by your teacher, before you will be done and need to come back later. All of these constellations come with their own stories, which are very interesting to listen to and enjoy.

Building a robot

If you decide to go out with Gregg on an adventure, he may take you to build a robot! This starts off as a small crime, stealing a battery, but it ends up with you getting to design your own weird robot!

You do this by selecting and connecting various robot parts to each other — hands, feet, head — all to the body of the robot. How the robot looks in the end is entirely up to you. There are quite a few parts to connect together, so you can create long arms or attach knifes for his hands.

This robot will then stay on the couch in Gregg’s home for some time, until you take it on another small adventure later in the game.

Stabbing Gregg

Another short game you can play with Gregg involves jabbing and stabbing his hand with a knife. You are able to jab out towards him, hoping to hit his hand, while moving your own up and down. From time to time Gregg will stab back, hoping to hit you in your hand. This will go on until one of you are too hurt to continue, or one of you gives up. It's quite a fun (and dangerous) little game!

This is more of a crime-related mini-game that you can play. I already wrote about all the crimes in Night in the Woods, if you're interested in checking those out!

Hunting a deer-owl

Another little mini-game with Gregg has you aiming and shooting a bow and arrow at a deer with an owl head. This isn’t a real animal, but instead is one of those hunting targets that some people have out in the woods to practice on. You must attempt to aim your shaky bullseye at a part of the deer-creature and then shoot it.

It is quite easy to miss, and each time you do Gregg will pick on you! You can also earn Steam Achievements for hitting specific parts of this creature. It does take a few tries to really get the hang of this challenging game!

Band practice

Every few days you can play in your band. You play guitar, in a very Guitar Hero manor. Numbers, 1-4 come down the screen at you, representing the different strings you can play. You need to hit the correct key as it collides with the bottom line on the screen.

If you mess up, the screen short of shakes and the song sounds a touch off. If you do well, your friends will tell you at the end that you did great.

How well you do will also be documented in your journal! There are several different songs that you get to play in your time at band practice — the gang seems to be trying out a new song every time you go. This mini-game is one of my favorites, even though I only did well a few times!

The dungeon crawl

Probably the biggest mini-game in the game appears on Mae’s own computer, though it must be said that this game is anything but mini! When Angus fixes her computer, he adds a pixel dungeon crawler to the list of icons on it. This game is fully made, complete with a variety of monsters, bosses, and fun to be had.

Each level is a little different, but you must make your way to a side area of the main room, fight the enemies there, and obtain a key. This key can then be taken into the main room to a red door, where you will then have to face off against a boss before moving onto the next level.

After each level, you lose a heart socket, so you have increasingly less life the further you go into the game. You do have a sword to swing at enemies, but if you swing it too many times, you will become tired and have to wait a few seconds before it refreshes.

You also have a limited dash, which is shown by blue bars on the screen. As you lose hearts, you are given more chances to dash. These dash bars do go down as you use them, but after a few seconds they fill back up. You can smash pots to find more lives to help you out, but even these are limited.

This little game is very, very challenging. It's a hardcore dungeon crawler that will fill up Mae’s nights (and your own if you get determined to finish it)!

I was not able to complete the game in my run, getting stuck when I got down to four lives for a single level. I can’t believe how well balanced, challenging, and completely polished this game in a game is. Its simply amazing.

Night in the Woods is an amazing game with tons to do and play around with each and every day.


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