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Animal Crossing, the game that allows you to make new friends based on how much they appreciate your material possessions, is back. Slated for a global release in late November (or available today if you live in Australia), Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the latest IP to make the shift to mobile.

While it may not be the Nintendo Switch version you're hoping for, Nintendo showcased that there's plenty to do. Watch the video below:

This Time You're A Camp Manager

Instead of paying a mortgage on your house and customizing that along with your town, city or village, Pocket Camp has you managing a camp site. The premise is simple: As the only human around, your job is to create the most enticing camp you can imagine, all in the hopes of making new animal friends.

This is exactly what my camp will look like, so metal. [Credit: Nintendo]
This is exactly what my camp will look like, so metal. [Credit: Nintendo]

To achieve this you'll need to go out and explore new locations that will have you collecting wood, catching bugs, fishing and much more. Once gathered you can turn in resources to craft furniture and amenities such as a pool and even a carousal for the camp. The campsite is fully customizable, even the interiors of Campers. By adding more to your camp, you can make new animal friends, because y'know, it's not like they'll visit your camp because they like you for you; they just wanna go swimming.

However, your real life friends can visit your camp whenever they want once you exchange friend codes. In addition to this, there are small quests that can be done such as catching bugs for some of your animal friends in exchange for extra resources. It's a quick way to shorten the grind for goods, along with other methods.

Pocket Camp Is A Freemium Game

Tom Nook is now after your real money! [Credit: Nintendo]
Tom Nook is now after your real money! [Credit: Nintendo]

Like everything else mobile gaming, Pocket Camp is a bonafide freemium game, or as Nintendo likes to call it, "free to start." As such, much of the game will have everything available to the player at no cost. This means players will have to grind excessively for resources along with waiting the maximum time for Cyrus to finish building new amenities. This all requires patience, something Nintendo knows we don't have too much of any more.

Those who desire to speed things up should acquaint themselves with Leaf Tickets. These can be used to substitute a lack in resources, speed up development time, and just about anything else. The point being it's like most freemium titles, having that one form of currency with the purpose of eliminating the grind.

However, as learned from the early Australian release of the game, there are some items that are exclusively bought with Leaf Tickets. For example, two of these items are special chairs, one for K.K. Slider, another for Tom Nook. Having either of these chairs on your campsite will allow the respective character to visit the camp and hang out for as long as the player desires.

Although Leaf Tickets can be acquired without relinquishing cash, if previous freemium games are to go by, acquiring 500 Leaf Tickets without spending money will not be an easy task. Then again, these game are designed to make money, after all, and we know, as much as we like to think Nintendo loves us, they are in it for the money — and that's okay as long as we're all having fun, right?

Will you be getting you Animal Crossing Pocket Camp when the game launches in late November?

[Source: Polygon]


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