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Following the recent Splatoon 2 Direct, there is an indication on Nintendo's Japanese website that Nintendo is already getting set up for another.

A space has opened on the list of Directs on the website, which has previously been used as an indicator for when we should be expecting an upcoming presentation.

Although it hasn't been long since the last Nintendo Direct, there are multiple reasons to be expecting another one in the coming weeks, besides the change to the website. Here are a few games that could well be featuring in an upcoming Direct.

"Nindies" Update?

[Credit: Reddit]
[Credit: Reddit]

We have very little information on the release date or progress of the Nintendo Switch Indie titles we saw when the console was first announced. There are a great number of them arriving in 2017, and it seems unlikely that Nintendo would let them release without a promotion considering how much of a focus they put on them earlier this year.

Many gamers, including myself, are highly anticipating the release date for Stardew Valley, and if the game is on target for the initial Summer release date, we'll need some more information on it soon.

It would be a good opportunity to show us more information about other "Nindie" titles such as Wargroove and Shakedown Hawaii - both of which are coming soon.


[Credit: IGN]
[Credit: IGN]

Nintendo's Treehouse event at E3 showed off a variety of games from the conference, and also revealed a number of Amiibos to go along with them!

Despite this, they didn't talk a great deal about what the Amiibo actually do in the games they're releasing with - or any other games for that matter.

I would be interested to learn more about the Metroid Samus Returns Amiibo, as well as a date for the Champion Amiibos to tie into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

It would be a strange move for Nintendo to release a Direct purely focused on these figures, but it could fit in nicely as a bonus to other news.

Super Mario Odyssey News?


Super Mario Odyssey's launch is getting very close now - much to my excitement - but we actually know very little about the core structure of the game.

Nintendo has already confirmed there will be more worlds to explore than those we already know about, and I'm sure they will want to keep a few surprises for us. I don't think it's unreasonable to want or expect a bit more information about the size of the game in terms of worlds or moons per level.

I could definitely see Nintendo doing another Direct entirely focused on Super Mario Odyssey as we approach October 27, so it's possible they are preparing for this on their website.

Nintendo's "Biggest" Card?

[Credit: 3DOcean]
[Credit: 3DOcean]

Youtuber and Nintendo rumor sharer "SuperMetalDave64", who accurately claimed that Nintendo was working on two Metroid titles months before E3, has recently uploaded a video stating that despite all the surprises and big announcements coming for Nintendo Switch, there is "another very big surprise" in store for 2017.

It's all very cryptic right now, but it would be very exciting if Nintendo did a Direct with lots of little announcements such as Nindies and Amiibo, and finished off with another big surprise.

The Wait Begins!

It's clear there is a lot of news we're waiting on from Nintendo, and I am always happy to watch another Direct, regardless of how recently we had the last one.

Honestly, even some acknowledgement that Stardew Valley exists would be enough good news for me!

What would you want to see from Nintendo's next Direct?

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