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Fans of the Legend of Zelda universe have a lot to look forward to in 2017, what with the release of the Nintendo Switch console and the long-awaited Breath of the Wild game. But there's even more for Zelda fans, as it turns out. Just announced this morning, there will be a Legend of Zelda-themed escape room experience coming early next year.

While information is relatively sparse at the moment, we do know a few details in regards to venue locations and ticket pricing. And the rest? Well, the rest we can let our minds run rampant with speculation on. Let's begin, shall we?

Where Will It Be And How Can I Get Tickets?

For starters, there's some pretty cool swag you can get, depending on how much you're willing to spend. The above poster and premium coin are the Gold package, while the poster alone is included in the Silver package. If you're happy to just purchase tickets, there are a Early Bird (before December 31st), Regular, and Door ticket options as well. But, of course, you probably want to know where this will happen. So far, the following cities are on the list of confirmed event locations:

  • San Francisco (Jan 31 - Feb 5)
  • Los Angeles (Feb 10 - Feb 12)
  • Phoenix (Feb 15 - Feb 17)
  • San Diego (Feb 24 - Feb 25)

Additionally, Seattle, Chicago, Houston, and New York are on the list of planned cities, but the specific date is unknown; however, more info is coming January 3rd! If you're in or around one of these cities — or don't mind a bit of travel — there are also a few details on how each event will work.

Teams will consist of six people and they'll have an hour to complete the challenge, which — surprise! — will consist of puzzle-solving. According to the website, "This is NOT a maze or traditional escape room! It is a fully hosted, story-based escape event designed for puzzle fans and fans of the Zelda franchise." If you've ever done an escape room or haven't made up your mind after watching the general-audience video below, this is likely good news to you — this isn't just a Zelda 'skin' on a traditional escape room. Which leads me to my next point: How exactly will it look and feel?

We Don't Know Specifics, But I Have Some Hopes...

This may not be everyone's top priority, but I cannot imagine a Legend of Zelda experience without immersive music and sound design. Obviously, solving a puzzle or opening a treasure chest needs to make the classic sounds we're all familiar with, but I want it to go a step further.

Escape rooms aren't exactly easy, and I'd love to see a puzzle that incorporates knowledge of music. Maybe translating a musical score to a phrase or just knowing facts about music, but with it being such an iconic part of the series, I'd love to see it somewhere in the escape room experience.

Furthermore, I think classic dungeon elements such as someone needing to remain on a switch, or having to move blocks around, or even needing to fire a (totally safe) slingshot at a target on the wall would be missed opportunities if they weren't incorporated. Let's face it, Zelda dungeons and escape rooms are a perfect mix. There are so many things from the Zelda universe that would translate perfectly to this sort of experience.

...And A Few Highly Unrealistic Demands

Cucco-throwing: Totally safe.
Cucco-throwing: Totally safe.

But, of course, there are some aspects of Zelda that uhh...might not work so well for this sort of thing. That's not going to stop me from wanting to see them. To name a few:

  • Deadly, deadly cuccos. If there's not some sort of cucco in the escape room, then the most traumatic part of the Zelda series would not be there. How would they pull it off? No idea. But I still want it.
  • Breakable pots. This one isn't necessarily as difficult to implement as angry cuccos, but it might be a safety risk having pots that can be smashed, slashed, and thrown. But we need them all the same.
  • Boss battles. I don't quite know how this would work, but if there were a way to make someone attract a boss's attention while other players have to hit 'weak points' on its body, that would be perfect. It's not a dungeon without a final boss, after all.

Those are just a few requests I can think of off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are plenty more ways to bring the dungeon-crawling experience to life. I really hope this event becomes popular enough to expand across more venues, because I would love to take part in one of these. Until then, I'll keep daydreaming about real-life cuccos chasing me down a dark corridor.

What sorts of things do you hope to see in the Legend of Zelda escape room? Do you plan on attending any of the events?


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