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Could the dream finally become reality?

2016 is certainly feeling like 1996. Between the re-release of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow on the Nintendo 3DS, the rage that was and the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, this year has seen the dawn of 'Pokemania' 2.0. Pokemon has become the craze once again and as a lifelong fan, it excites me to see new life being breathed into the beloved franchise. With the focus on Generation One Pokemon in Sun and Moon, it is clear that are trying to bring back their older fans, and the ongoing Pokemon: Generations proves this. With a focus on winning back the hearts of older fans, Nintendo may have just dropped a monumental tease that is sure to make them return.

The official Pokemon Facebook page recently uploaded an adorable video showing Pikachu taking a picture with the Sun and Moon starter Pokemon, which you can check out above. While this may just be a cute video to promote , I can't help but look at the borders of the video. Could Nintendo be teasing a Pokemon Snap sequel?

was recently teased in Sun and Moon as there is a feature within the game that allows you to take photographs of Pokemon within their own habitat. We know that Pokemon love to tease their future projects in games prior to their official announcement - Hoenn was heavily teased in X and Y before Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were announced, for example - so I am fairly certain that Nintendo are teasing Pokemon Snap 2. The question is, will it be for the Switch?

Snap mode in Pokemon Sun and Moon
Snap mode in Pokemon Sun and Moon

The rumored release day lineup for the Nintendo: Switch contains the likes of Skyrim, a new Mario project and Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so it would be smart for Nintendo to release a Pokemon game on release day to boost sales for the console. It is worthwhile noting that the Switch is rumored to be receiving a third version of Sun and Moon, tentatively titled Pokemon Stars, around the holiday season of 2017.

The announcement of would be the greatest way to round off the successful 20 year anniversary of Pokemon. Pokemon has never been more popular than it has been right now and I can't wait to see what Nintendo have planned for the franchise next year.

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