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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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You may not be able to find a anywhere for the life of you, I know I haven't and I've tried pretty f***ing hard. The re-release of 's industry saving console was met with a ton of excitement, and rightfully so! Nostalgia is big business right now and what would get the masses more riled up than something old in a new lick of paint?

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Well with that planted firmly in its mind, Nintendo has pushed the boat that rocked out that little further into the bay that was and reclaimed another part of their illustrious history as one of the most down to earth publishers in the industry. They've brought back the NES game manual!

The What?

Don't you remember? These little booklets that came with a new game, which basically outlined the story and controls. Sometimes they even included artwork, maps and other such awesome things. Like 's manual. Man is that a treasure!


There are manuals for all 30 of the games re-releasing on the NES Classic Mini, in both electronic and original formats. Whilst electronic manuals won't set pulses racing, the original scans are utterly resplendent. Take a look at a few for yourself:


Double Dragon


Super Mario Bros. 3

This is fan service to the highest degree, and shows that Nintendo isn't afraid of playing with their power. Now... if only I could get my hands on a friggin' NES Classic! If you have managed to bag one and are in desperate need of a gaming manual, head over here for the goods.

What's your favorite NES title?


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