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A few months ago, I heard some people lamenting the coming holiday season, hinting that was going to be characteristically falling behind in the console wars due to the fact it had pushed the launch of its new console, the , back to March of 2017. These people complained that as usual, the company is inept. Obviously, these conclusions were/are premature and possible inaccurate, but that never stops the prognosticators from making their predictions.

Nintendo as a company has been around since 1889, in the gaming industry since the late 1970s, and making consoles (along with games) since 1983 (1985, globally). The company's main pillar of business is video games, and it has managed to maintain its very relevant presence in the industry. While many other companies have come and gone, Nintendo has masterfully continued to navigate the choppy waters of the world. As with any company in the electronic/technology industry, there are always hits and misses, but longevity proves to serve as an incredible indicator of skill. In short, Nintendo has some idea of what it's doing.

So, as we approach the festive season, we know that Nintendo has essentially ceased production and support for the , aside from eShop releases and sales. However, the Nintendo 3DS is still benefiting from some outstanding support, with new games coming out and new updates for existing games. Though sales are declining on the aging hardware, it still has a great deal of love from fans and a massive installed base to sell games.

It's A Nintendo Poké Boon

Among those games coming for the Nintendo is the recently released, and obviously popular, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. These two new iterations of the franchise have been greatly anticipated, and early indications suggest it's meeting and even exceeding expectations. That spells major sales during this holiday season.

In addition to 3DS-related revenues, Nintendo also has a few other incredible things that are set to make a huge impact on the holidays — namely, the NES Classic Edition. The initial shipments completely sold out within minutes in North America, and there's little doubt the wannabe early adopters who missed out will absolutely make sure they are among the fortunate few when the retailers get their restocks in over the coming weeks. Such a simple unit, at a nominal price point, and high demand spells another incredible revenue stream for Nintendo.

Super Mario Blessing

Just like two years ago when amiibo were an instant hit, Nintendo has ways of generating revenue from the shear strength of the IP it's cultivated over the decades, and continue to create. And while collector's items and nostalgia are fantastic sales figures boosters, new experiences are very much a part of what Nintendo brings to the table. That is evidenced by its coming mobile game Super Mario Run. The company's beloved plumber mascot featuring in his first-ever mobile game is definitely poised to generate a huge buzz, especially with it's interesting pay scale.

In a recent article from Fox Business, the question was asked of whether needed Nintendo more than Nintendo needed Apple. An interesting query on its own, but within the context of the article, it is also plain to see that Super Mario Run is expected to be a significant revenue generator:

Diehard Nintendo fans won't have a problem shelling out $9.99 for the game next month, and it will be the most important iOS release for Nintendo. ...

Nintendo's stock soared 29% the day the game was announced. Apple's response was far more subtle. However, both companies have a lot riding on the release and its initial iOS exclusivity. Nintendo obviously hopes to make a dent in the mobile gaming market that has eaten into its handheld system sales.

Both companies have a vested interest in making sure that Super Mario Run is a success. For that reason, I firmly believe that Nintendo has ensured a very unique experience with a very familiar face. For quite some time now it has been the company's aim to bring more people into the dedicated gaming community by introducing them through the recognition of its powerful intellectual property. The characters that Nintendo has created stand as some of the most iconic and recognizable ever. The ability to draw more people into gaming just through Nintendo's beloved IP is incredible, and exactly what this mobile game is looking to be able to do.

So, with the Classic Edition remaining in high demand (and soon-to-be restocked), the ever-popular Pokémon Sun and Moon, the forthcoming Super Mario Run and more, Nintendo is certainly poised to have a tremendous holiday season. I truly look forward to seeing how everything pans out. And just think — soon after the holidays, the next generation of Nintendo will be fully initiated! Talk about exciting!

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming! Will you be picking up anything Nintendo over the coming days and weeks? How well do you expect Nintendo's holiday season to turn out?

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