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Whoever said video games are just for the cold months in was obviously wrong, which is perhaps the reason behind the phenomenal summer sales of the Nintendo Switch — you know, the one you can take outside with you.

The NPD Group who monitor the video game markets released its numbers for August 2017, revealing that the was the best-selling system in the US during the last month. The group do not release any specific statistics, but this just proved that is currently bossing the competition as it stands.

Nintendo Switch [Credit: Nintendo]
Nintendo Switch [Credit: Nintendo]

Nintendo's hybrid system was released to great fanfare six months ago, and has now beaten out the two most competitive consoles on the market, becoming the highest-selling video piece of hardware in four out of the six months it has been available. It was only to be beaten by the in May and June.

Of course, there are probably several reasons why the Switch has blue shelled the competition since its release. With the success of exclusive, Switch-only games such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8, Nintendo fans have not been able to resist getting their hands on the console. Secondly, the Switch has the same portable appeal that made us all beg our parents for a Game Boy as kids. This means that gamers are more likely to purchase an /PS4 as well as a Switch, rather than the either/or debate that has been raging in the gaming community since Microsoft and Nintendo first started releasing hardware.

With the holiday sales looming, only time will tell if the Switch will continue to reign supreme. It's likely, however, given the excellent line-up of Switch exclusives to hit the shelves in the remaining half of 2017, including , Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and most importantly a Switch version of Skyrim.

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