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The Nintendo Switch may be the console we want, but with its March 2017 released date, not the one under the tree this Christmas. We've heard a ton about it since its October reveal, but there's always a nagging sense of wanting more.

Regardless of the wait, we're super excited for the and it turns out some lucky fans will get a hands-on before the rest of us.

My Nintendo Members Invited To Switch Preview Events

Nintendo Switch Console + Breath Of The Wild - [Credit: Nintendo]
Nintendo Switch Console + Breath Of The Wild - [Credit: Nintendo]

Some lucky My Nintendo Members in the United States have been sent emails to try the Switch prior to launch. It states that an Eventbrite email will be sent as a follow up, though we'd urge eager fans to sign up quick since once these tickets are gone—well, you get the idea.

Dear My Nintendo member,

To thank you for being a loyal fan, we’d like to offer you a chance to try the Nintendo Switch system before it’s released.

Look for an email from Eventbrite for the full details and be sure to register right away to save your spot (availability of tickets are on a first come, first served basis).

Thanks again—and have fun!

If you're still switched on, this most likely coincides with the January Reveal, which is set to be a hands-on event in New York City after the Nintendo Switch Presentation livestream, which starts January 12th 8pm PT / 11pm ET or January 13th 4am GMT / 5am CET.

We're not sure what to expect, but most likely we'll see a firm price point, a launch line-up and perhaps a showcase of some third-party titles in development. Looks like us fans in Europe will be pulling a very late night or an equally early morning.


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