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New reports have begun emerging which, if true, will make the an even more interesting—not to mention affordable—proposition. Like, "woah, I could actually afford an all new console so soon after Christmas?!" kind of affordable.

According to two different sources close to Let'sPlayVideoGames, UK retailer GAME, has set the prices for two different SKUs (stock keeping units) of Switch, with the basic SKU coming in at an outrageously competitive £199.99 ($247,89 based on a quick Google conversion).

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The more premium hinged SKU will come in at £249.99 ($309,86 based on a Google conversion), but that's with bigger internal storage and a game. The sources also went onto to suggest that GAME will more than likely retail Switch Pro Controllers at £39.99.

Pro Controller
Pro Controller

Now keep in mind that Nintendo do not set the prices for their wares in the UK, these are GAME's prices alone. But, according to the same sources, Nintendo is prepping for having the Switch priced as close to its direct conversation rate as possible.

So we're possibly looking at $250 for the basic model, and $300 for the premium.

But What Will The Premium SKU's Game Be?

Don't hold your breath...
Don't hold your breath...

Well, another report is suggesting that it as sure as hell won't be 'The Legend of Zelda: ', which is fist-clenchingly saddening at worst. However, the supposed reason for Zelda's delay is pretty fair.

According to Nintendo gumshoe Emily Rogers, BotW's localization schedule is continuing through till the end of 2016, which in turn is eating into its testing schedule. And due to Nintendo wanting the game to be as close to finished and perfect before it releases, testing could go on for another four to six months after localization ends.

So that leaves scope for that Mario title we saw teased in the Nintendo Switch trailer...

Its'a you, maybe?
Its'a you, maybe?

Or a compilation of mini-games that shows off the system's capabilities, like , or before it...

Or literally anything. Who knows!

But £199.99 on launch? Man, that's stupid cheap.

What do you think?

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