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You're riding the bus to class at 10:30 AM passing the time playing games. You get an alert—there's a nearby player. You look across the aisle and see someone else captivated by their screen. You smile before challenging them to a match. Your eyes meet for just a moment before you get a pop-up notification: "Challenge Accepted."

Switch smashes down the door on what we believed was possible from console portability. Being able to seamlessly play the same titles (on the same system) both from the comfort of my couch on 52" TV screen and while I'm waiting in the terminal to board my flight is incredibly exciting.

Nintendo wasn't exactly subtle in stressing the social gaming aspect of their new bread winner across multiple scenes of the Switch trailer. They've created a fantasy for us in which we stop what we're doing and nerd out together at the drop of a dime. It's a fantasy almost any game loving herd has. Just think:

You're walking down the street minding your own business and suddenly you get an alert telling you that fellow members of the gamer pack are close.

Remind you of anything?

This fantasy did not play out so well in practice
This fantasy did not play out so well in practice

It's the same sort of childlike excitement I got when I first saw the trailer, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. The concept of going about my business and then stumbling into a battle request from a nearby player was one of the main draws for me to Pokemon Go, and where I've always felt the mobile gaming market has a distinct advantage over PC and traditional consoles.

Switch Has Completely Changed The Playing Field

When pickup basketball becomes pickup gaming
When pickup basketball becomes pickup gaming

The dream of gaming solo on my walk to a local coffee shop before stumbling onto a would-be challenger seems to be entirely possible with Switch. And while this feature isn't something that's confirmed, the emphasis on social play and competitive gaming during the video leads me to think that it's something thats at least at the front of Nintendo's mind.

We Have The Technology

The tech for this type of feature has already been similarly implemented in 's titles, particularly , where you can challenge "Nearby Players" to matches. Currently this tech works by finding other players on local networks, but there's no reason it couldn't also work on Bluetooth, assuming the devices are discoverable.

Nintendo has already confirmed that multiple Switch devices connect via Bluetooth, so it's not hard to imagine making friends with your fellow Switch users as you battle with (or against) other gamers on the road.

Switch has the potential to completely change the social nature of games—and that's really exciting.

What got you most excited about Nintendo Switch?


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