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While everyone was worried about the success of the Switch, Nintendo knocked it out of the park. They did tell us we had nothing to worry about. Apparently they knew what they were doing.

Figures from report that the Nintendo Switch sold 1.5 million units worldwide in its first week of launch, exceeding expectations and showing they were capable of another strong launch after the downfall of the Wii U. Of the total sales, the US accounted for a third of that number at 500,000, with Japan at 360,000, France at 110,000, and the UK at 80,000.

Nintendo announced that the first 48 hours of the Switch's launch were their best ever as a company. They sold 313,000 units in Japan during those two days, beating out the Wii U (308,000) and getting close to the PlayStation 4 (322,000).

How Does It Compare To Other Consoles?

  • Xbox One sold 1 million consoles in just the first 24 hours, going up to 2 million the first 18 days.
  • PlayStation 4 sold 2.1 million units in its first 2 weeks, with 4.2 million a month and a half after release. 1 million of the consoles sold at launch were in North America alone. It's perhaps the strongest console in sales.
  • Wii sold 3.2 million units a little over a month after release.
  • Wii U sold about 1 million units across each region's first week of launch, going up to 3 million a little over month after release.

One thing to keep in mind is that historically consoles launch in mid-November to early-December depending on region, catching the largest shopping time of the year: US Black Friday and the holiday season. For Nintendo to launch in March and still keep up with other console numbers is particularly impressive.

Nintendo estimated they would move 2 million units by the end of the first month. If they haven't already hit their goal with the second week's sales, it definitely looks like they'll hit it soon and then some.

It's Not Just The Switch, Zelda's Doing Great Too

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild seems to have accounted for a large part of the Switch's success. clocked in at about 1.34 million units sold in the first week of launch. That's only for the Switch too, it's not counting Wii U sales. Basically 90% of people who purchased a Switch also purchased Breath of the Wild. It's now Nintendo's best selling launch game, beating out Super Mario 64.

Given the universal raving for the game and the unanimous great reviews (barring one review of course), it's not surprising that it sold so well. It's a little surprising that it seems to be the driving force behind the Switch's success, but people love and the Switch is extremely convenient to play on. If Nintendo can keep up this momentum and keep the games coming, they're set up for a lot of success with the Switch.

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