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Our minds were collectively blown when we saw running on a Nintendo Switch in its reveal trailer. Let's be honest. I squealed. It felt like Nintendo were finally going bold and marketing a console directly at me, and not me 20 years ago.

And now, if this fresh report is anything to go by, the could have one of the strongest launches in latter-day Nintendo history. And I'm talking super-strong. Like flip over a car in ecstasy kinda strong. And all of that without The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild...

Skyrim, An All-new Mario And Splatoon Are All Launching With Nintendo Switch

Have another look at Skyrim & in action on Nintendo Switch!

Are you seeing that subheader? Good, we're all awake.

Emanating from a source close to LetsPlayVideoGames, the new report suggests that the Mario title will in fact be the Mario we saw in the reveal trailer (found above).

Karen and Mario
Karen and Mario

The game will feature a 3D open world hub where you can select other worlds to venture to—similar to & —and will have co-op where each player will be tethered together and judged on how useful they were for the duration of the level. Finally an end to being booted off of a precipice by a pesky partner.

A new version of Splatoon is also rumored to be releasing with the Nintendo Switch's premium SKU.—meaning the one that comes with a game and bigger storage. And is said to be bringing with it a 1v1 mode built for battle over two separate Switches with its magical, wireless multiplayer alchemy. And you'll be able to switch weapons at will on the battlefield.


There are rumors of a single player mode being added, as well as all of the free content your Wii U Splatoon fans are so fond of.

And finally...Skyrim. Apparently Nintendo Switch Skyrim is to be a port of the recently released Special Edition and, in an incredibly surprising move, will have mod support! Though the support will be limited in a similar vein to Bethesda mods on , and will comprise of only in-game assets. So no Thomas the Tank Dragons, folks.

Seriously, January 2017 couldn't come any sooner. Can 2016 end already so we can get some Nintendo Switch news?!

What do you make of that? Switches be crazy or are you well and truly Switched on for Nintendo Switch?

[Source: LetsPlayVideoGames]


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