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Okay so Nintendo Switch is out there. We all know what it looks like, where it sits in the console war and whether or not its Joy-Con controllers have shoulder buttons. Which is a pressing concern for this ol' pedant right here. But recently there's been an outbreak of reports flooding the web, and no I don't mean those reports surrounding image projection, but rather more mundane reports of touchscreens, and memory and bears! Oh my!

Nintendo Switch Will Have Touchscreen

In an honestly genius move, Nintendo Switch is reported by Eurogamer to have a 6.2", 720p screen capable of deciphering multiple touches. This is the first time a Nintendo console has delivered display tech like this, seeing as both the Wii U's GamePad and 3DS boast resistive, single-touch screens.

And similarly to the smartdevice you're reading these words on right now, Nintendo Switch's screen will be a 10-point multitouch display, meaning it will be able to process the input of multiple fingers on the screen at once. Which points Switch in the direction of a bonafide tablet device and subsequently *clears throat* switches up Nintendo's fledgling ethos of inclusivity within the market.

This move could potentially open the door for the possible inclusion of mobile games like Super Mario Run, Pokemon GO and the like, making Nintendo Switch the place to rest your eyes on a multitude of titles from casual to more hardcore games. Imagine being able to Switch from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to Alto's Adventure on the fly? I might just throw up with excitement.

Switchin' Up The Market

Tatsumi Kimishima, Nintendo President
Tatsumi Kimishima, Nintendo President

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima was pressed regarding the direction the Switch will be directing Nintendo's energies and whether we will see the Switch evolve in the future. In true Nintendo fashion, Kimishima-san was cryptic, yet reassuringly assured:

"What we haven't shown you yet is the software lineup. We also haven't shown all of our first-party software. When we make new hardware, how it works with our software is critical. This is what we weren't able to show. We want people to touch the device in January and experience the software for themselves."

Oh I'm gonna touch the s**t out of it come March 2017. You better believe.

So Switch has two Joy-Con controllers that attach and detach with ease, that can be used together like Wiimotes or separately for multiplayer. They can also be combined with the Grip peripheral to make a more... traditional controller, or you can get your hands on an even more traditional Pro controller. And now we learn it will have touchscreen as well! What the hell is this thing?!

Well I'm Switched On

A 720p display for a handheld hybrid console is the perfect resolution for a screen of its size. You wouldn't be able to see the true graphical clarity of a 1080p display on something so small, plus imagine the strain on the battery. You'd only be able to squeeze out a meagre amount of hours on 1080p or above.

Look at the beleaguered PS Vita for instance. Its screen displayed games at 544p, and it is utterly gorgeous. Now imagine full-fat video games running at 720p in your hands. Exactly, I can feel your excitement over here!

Nintendo Switch Supports Micro SDXC cards up to 128GB

Now according to the guys over at Let's Play Video Games, Nintendo Switch's development kits are currently using Micro SDXC cards for content, similar to the New 3DS. Software is able to run off the cards as it would on a disc, a cartridge or an HDD. But, the Switch will not be compatible with external hard-drives for sheer sake of portability or possibly fears of jailbreaking the system, perhaps.

Whether or not SDXC cards will be used to hold Virtual Console and indie titles remains to be seen. But, allowing myself to speculate on the topic, I wonder whether the games will be accessed from both the GameCards and SDXC cards.

Seeing as current gen video games are immensely large right now (I'm looking at you Infinite Warfare and your 130GB download size), surely that means graphical parity won't run across all consoles due to cartridges' low hold of data. Also, will Switch have a HDD already built in? So many questions. But at least we won't have to wait long until Nintendo reveal more Switch details on January 13, 2017.


What do you make of these reports? Are you still planning on getting your hands on a Nintendo Switch?


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