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Recently, a bit of a leak from GameStop's CEO revealed that Nintendo's upcoming Switch console is likely to have motion controls. While this is still not officially confirmed — and, more importantly, while development of the console could still change direction before launch — it's an interesting bit of information that the Switch's reveal video never actually clarified.

Given Nintendo's penchant for motion controls, it's easy to see the company taking this direction, though. After all, several games on the Wii and Wii U (and even some on the 3DS) utilize gyroscopic movement as part of their gameplay. If the Switch were to be a console where gamers could download games from previous generations, it would almost have to have motion control.

What I'm more interested in, however, are the games and franchises that haven't shown their faces in a while or haven't had their take on motion controls. What sorts of games could the Switch have if it really does have motion control?

1. Please, Nintendo, Give Us A New 'Pokémon Snap' Game

Okay, so this one is technically already rumored and it's even one I've written about before, but you know what? I love the idea of a new Pokémon Snap and I'm going to take every opportunity I have to promote it!

But for real, motion controls work perfectly for a Pokémon Snap game. And the concept has already been seen in action on the new Sun and Moon games, so it's not like the pieces aren't already in place.

The original title was a simple experience that never tried to be too much. A new title doesn't have to change the formula too much. Motion controls? Sure, those go hand-in-hand with taking pictures. The rest? Keep it as is and take my money, Nintendo.

2. Another 'Zombi' Game

ZombiU was a surprisingly fun hit on the Wii U console that seemed to demonstrate just what the gamepad could do if all its abilities were utilized. A sequel was in the works but cancelled because the game was apparently not financially profitable.

However, the Switch looks to have a much wider appeal than the Wii U, and its released would be an excellent time to bring back the series. Sure, it wouldn't have the gamepad's screen that played an integral part of the game's experience, but it would still have motion controls for fighting zombies and navigating certain areas.

3. A New 'Splatoon' Entry

Speaking of shooters, what about a sequel to Splatoon? Would it be called "Spla-TWO-n"? "Spla2n"? I have no idea, but Splatoon itself is a fun, cartoony third-person shooter straight from Nintendo itself and was explicitly featured in the Switch's reveal video. It would make sense for the game to have a sequel on the Switch.

Admittedly, the controls take a bit of getting used to, but there's no denying that once you get into the game, it's hard to stay away. Plus, with the Switch not being as niche as previous Nintendo consoles (thanks to its plethora of third-party content), having a Splatoon title would not only show Nintendo doesn't need to rely solely on decades-old franchises, it would also help get the company's foot in the door for esports — something the Switch trailer made clear Nintendo is interested in.

4. A Better 'Star Fox' Experience

Using the gyroscope to turn your head while your ship flies another way sounds a lot more fun than it is.
Using the gyroscope to turn your head while your ship flies another way sounds a lot more fun than it is.

Oh, Star Fox Zero, I had such high hopes for you. I'm not quite sure Nintendo realizes that most (all?) Star Fox fans really just want a game that plays the way Star Fox 64 did — a game where you spend 90% of your time flying in a ship shooting things. Instead, Nintendo decided to go overboard with the Wii U's gamepad and made an experience that was more frustrating than anything.

Which is why I'm hesitant to even put Star Fox on this list, but am doing so with a caveat: Motion controls need to be limited to controlling the ship in place of a joystick and they have to be optional. Hear me, Nintendo? You don't need to reinvent the game with each release!

Heck, if Nintendo remade Star Fox 64 with the only addition being new graphics and motion controls, I could die happy. Would motion controls be more fun? It's hard to say. But if they were an option — in the same way first-person mode was an option in 64 — I think it could definitely work without disappointing fans. Again.

5. 'Super Monkey Ball' Or Something Similar

Sure, this one's a bit silly, but it works. And it wouldn't necessarily have to be a Super Monkey Ball game — really, anything that involves controlling someone/something in a sphere would make me happy.

Remember that Mario Party mini-game where you have to knock people off a mountain? Give me something like that. Or if we want to go really far make, let's remake Marble Madness.

There are a lot of "rolling sphere" games that would work here. They wouldn't have to be serious or hardcore or anything — just a fun experience that utilized gyroscopic controls.

Granted, the Switch may not have motion controls after all. But I desperately want it to, because it creates a lot more options for what Nintendo can do with its titles. Here's hoping!

What sorts of motion-control-based games would you like to see on the Switch console?

[Source: GameRant]


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