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Nintendo is expecting to ship 2 million Switch consoles for its launch in March of next year, according to Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima at Nintendo's financial briefing today. This doesn't mean the amount of sales they're expecting, just how many units they will have ready to go at retailers on launch day.

The curious thing to note is that this is only the estimated amount during the financial year ending in March 2017. With the Switch launching the same month, this just means there with be 2 million units on the day of launch, and more could be coming immediately after in April, especially if it launches near the end of the month.

The amount of units is interesting because it's a million fewer than the Wii U had at launch, hinting at possibly a more cautious Nintendo after the Wii U's dismal sales and Nintendo's lowered financial earnings last year. The financial year was held up mainly by Pokémon Go and the sale of the Seattle Mariners.

However, perhaps the difference in units might not be so notable after all. The Wii U launched in November, the middle of the financial year, giving it more time for the quarterly sales report. The Switch which will have less than a month of sales in the quarter and it could be shorter if it launches in late March.

Don't expect any information regarding price or specs until after the holiday season though. Kimishima reaffirmed that no new information would be coming in 2016. However, he did note that they won't be selling the hardware at a loss, but also that it won't be terribly expensive and the price point will take into account consumer expectations.

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