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Here's a sentence that might make your day, Nintendo fan: word on the street is the big N are currently researching virtual reality, or so says NStyles, a Japanese Twitter user who was present at Nintendo's recent shareholders meeting at their HQ in Kyoto.

These latest set of reports have gone some way to back up rumors that go as far back as February when Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima revealed that the company were looking into the possibility of VR, in a quarterly earnings announcement.

FL: Miyamoto, Kimishima & general manager Genyo Takeda
FL: Miyamoto, Kimishima & general manager Genyo Takeda

Live-tweeting the recent goings on, NStyles reportedly caught Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto discussing his time spent toying with VR units at E3 2016. Miyamoto-san was said to be a little disheartened with his experience, but forbid the people and journalists present to reveal online what he truly felt was at issue. can find it if you look hard enough. This is the internet after all!

Virtual Boy v2.0?

Virtual Boy
Virtual Boy

Nintendo has dipped its feet into virtual reality units in the past with the Virtual Boy console being the fruits of the endeavors. The unit, released back in 1995, was met with widespread derision over their high pricing (it retailed for a whopping US$180), limited immersion due to the devices' mind-bending black and red, monochrome display & bad visibility and a poor line-up of games.

Mario on Virtual Boy
Mario on Virtual Boy

The device sold a little over 750,000 units and was discontinued the very same year, having been released only in Japan and North America. So you can see why this new report comes as such as a surprise, seeing as the giants are known to be reluctant when retreading past missteps (see: the Super Mario Bros. movie and the lack of a subsequent Nintendo-themed film).

But with Sony releasing their console-bound headset later this year, which will finally make VR a realistic and affordable prospect for most households, this could turn out to be a shrewd move by the grandfather of console gaming, especially with their skill of turning good ideas on paper into gaming dynasties (see: the Wii).

If this does come to pass, Miyamoto ensured that the company would have to figure out the difficult task of making the unit playable for an extended amount of time, fun, naturally, and safe to not ward off families. And that is a damn tough call to figure out, so expect Ninty to take the cautious route.


So this lays even more speculation on the stern and shrouded shoulders of Nintendo's next console. Will it indeed end up being a hybrid of home and portable console, with a dollop of VR ready thrown in for good measure? Man, who can say. But after Miyamoto recently added more fuel to the fire when he hinted at a huge NX shaped secret they were steadily tinkering away on, anything could happen:

"In terms of NX, there's an idea that we're working on. That's why we can't share anything at this point, and I don't want to comment on the other companies."

My body is well and truly ready. But it must be steadied and calmed, because Nintendo hasn't come out and revealed the news explicitly. This is all hailing from the halls of Twitter. So pinches of salt at the ready, folks!

But how great would it be if Nintendo were to leap onto the bandwagon?

What do you think?

Would you welcome a Nintendo VR unit into your home?

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