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Reports surfacing around the web suggest that gaming giant has finally decided to sound the death knell for the and bring its production to a halt by the end of the week. But recently Nintendo have come out and poured cold water all over the rumor.

Sources close to Eurogamer claim that the Japanese production line would shut down for the final time this Friday after the last orders for the beleaguered console, of which there were few, were met. The murmurings were given speed by Nintendo's lack of haste in replying to Eurogamer's enquiry into the validity of the rumor, and with this being the internet, a fire spread almost instantaneously.

U sweety
U sweety

In a statement sent to Japanese site IT Daily, a Nintendo spokesperson claimed that news of the Wii U's demise was premature.

There is no change to our continuing [Wii U] production... Even though the Nintendo Switch is slated to go on sale, [Wii U] production is scheduled to continue.

This isn't the first time the console, which has sold a paltry 13m units since its release in 2012, has been rumored to be erased like a bad word spray-painted on your school's wall. Back in March, Japanese financial news outlet Nikkei announced that the Wii U would be halted by the end of 2016 to make way for the Nintendo , but that was also hastily shot down like a pixelated duck by Nintendo.

Switching attention
Switching attention

Speaking again with IT Daily, and translated via Google, Nintendo made clear that it "plans to continue [Wii U] production [into the] next fiscal year and beyond," irrespective of the Switch's irresistible and sensual charms.

To me, Nintendo halting the production of the Wii U at a time where The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is surely going to send the console's sales through the roof come Q1 2017 doesn't make a whole bunch of sense, and I'm glad to hear the news isn't true.

Here's the official trailer for just in case you forgot how good it's going to be:

Yes the console's confusion in direction, lack of third party titles and general gimmickery might have got it labeled "The New ", which is as harsh as it is beautiful (the Dreamcast was sensational, everybody), but the Wii U has some of the best games Nintendo has ever created. So why didn't we all buy one?

Death By Numbers

Comparing the numbers of both the seventh and eighth generations of video games (we're currently in the midst of the eighth), we may may be led to believe that the trounced the and in sales thanks to it being the best console of that gen. Well it didn't. The Wii sold an outrageous 101m units, defecating all over the 360's 84 million and PS3's 83 million.

What a team
What a team

But whether it was bad luck, hubris or simply a lack of forward thinking on Nintendo's part, the Wii U will go down as one of the biggest flops of modern day gaming, nestled snugly in between the (13m units sold) and the (21m units sold) in lifetime sales. Meanwhile, the PS4 has sold over 40m units worldwide this generation whilst the has shifted a meagre 10m+.

I think a toast is in order for the Wii U. Written off by everyone but Nintendo, seemingly, the little guy is still holding on for dear life. And long may it live it on. That is until the Switch has us all by the scruff of our necks!

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