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Nintendo is many things: a beloved gaming company, a source of contention for Sony and Microsoft fans, and especially a source of some of the weirdest promotional pieces ever.

For evidence of this last one, I need only point you to their latest promotional video which takes the announcement of new colors for the 2DS and turns it into a beautiful three-arc story filled with drama, chaos, and even glory.

More importantly, it also present an opportunity to fill the internet with more GIFs to use in everyday life — something we all no doubt need. Without further ado, I present your GIFts:

1. When You Try To Type On A New Keyboard

2. When Your Internet Goes Out And You Don't Know What To Do

3. When There's Nothin' Going On

4. Trying To Stay Up Late Gaming Like

5. If Your Food's So Yummy You Don't Care About Eating At The Computer

6. 'Cause You Left Your Phone At Home And There's A Rare Pokémon Nearby

7. After You Just Barely Kill The Boss

And if that wasn't enough, the full video itself should answer any lingering questions. Though, more likely, it will just lead to even more of them:

What is your favorite GIF from Nintendo's latest delightfully weird gift of WTFery?


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