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There's plenty of deadly beasties in the new Samurai action RPG Nioh. From real-life alchemists to deadly ogres, almost everything can kill you. One of the most unique beasties in so far though, is the mimic, also known as the Tanuki. As a big balled raccoon that hides as a treasure chest for the unsuspecting, Tanuki is certainly an unusual addition to the monster stable.

How To Spot Mimics In 'Nioh' And Get Out Without A Fight

Both mimics want the right gesture. [Credit: Koei-Tecmo]
Both mimics want the right gesture. [Credit: Koei-Tecmo]

The first step to dealing with mimics is to learn how to spot them before they get you. Luckily, the Tanuki isn't nearly as immediately deadly as the mimic chest in , but it will drain your ki, knock you over and leave you open to attack from other enemies if you're not careful. There's an easy way to spot if a chest is hiding a Tanuki though. A regular chest has two horizontal gold bars on the side as decoration:

While a Tanuki chest is slightly taller and has three horizontal gold bars:

Once you spot a Tanuki chest, whistle at it. The Tanuki will harmlessly pop out, take your form and perform a gesture. To get the Tanuki's sweet, sweet loot, all you have to do is mimic the mimic, perform the same gesture back at the Tanuki within the time limit an it will give you a new gesture, drop all its loot and vanish.

How To Defeat The Wall Mimics Without A Fight

The Nurikabe, or wall mimic, wants either a blue, yellow or red gesture, choose wisely [Credit: Koei-Tecmo]
The Nurikabe, or wall mimic, wants either a blue, yellow or red gesture, choose wisely [Credit: Koei-Tecmo]

The second kind of mimic, the Nurikabe, is a little bit tougher. You'll spot these giant stone beasties mimicking walls around various levels. If you approach, their eyes will glow and you'll have two chances to perform the right gesture. There are three 'colors' of gesture in Nioh:

  • Blue are positive gestures
  • Yellow are neutral gestures
  • Red are negative gestures

The Nurikabe wants either a blue, yellow or red gesture. It doesn't care which gesture, as long as it's from the right 'color', so don't do a second negative gesture if the first one fails.

It's essentially a 2/3 chance to get a bunch of loot and not get your face smashed in, but your chances will increase dramatically if you check around to see if anyone's died from a failed attempt nearby. If you find a revenant ghost of someone performing a yellow gesture and getting squashed, you can eliminate all yellow gestures from your guesses, which makes it impossible to fail.

Nioh releases on February 7, 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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