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Skyrim: Special Edition, despite being an update of a 5 year old game, still managed to get a ton of people back into the world of Tamriel, especially on PS4 and XboxOne. Players found new ways to keep the gameplay fresh, made awesome new videos, and puzzled over Skyrim's eerily portentous storyline. Given Skyrim's successful revitalization, many Elder Scrolls fans hoped that Bethesda would also remaster some of the series' beloved earlier installments. Unfortunately, the latest statements from Bethesda have quashed our hopes like a mudcrab under a Daedric hammer.

In an interview with Official Xbox Magazine UK, Bethesda vice president Pete Hines outlined the reasons for The remaster. In the early days of getting ready for Fallout 4, Bethesda Game Studios put a lot of work into updating and tinkering with the Skyrim engine to run on this generation of consoles.

In the case of Skyrim, the work done in the leadup to Fallout 4 was easy enough to appropriate for Skyrim: Special Edition, but Bethesda generally doesn't want to put that kind of time and effort into remastering old content. Hines has stated that the time and manpower would be better spent on new projects.

There's still no word on what those projects might be. I've got my heart set on The Elder Scrolls VI, but it might turn out to be something entirely new.

Memories of Morrowind

Skywind screenshot [TESR]
Skywind screenshot [TESR]

Bethesda's statement comes as a great disappointment to some of us who have really been hoping for an update to Morrowind and Oblivion, both great games whose potential was limited by the available tech back in the day. Morrowind in particular still has a devoted fanbase that would love to see its unique atmosphere and art style revisited with a modern sheen. Indeed, Skyrim's Dragonborn expansion was seen as a tribute to this early classic.

Since Bethesda isn't going to touch them, it's up to the fans to realize the dream of a remastered Morrowind. Over at The Elder Scrolls Renewal project, dedicated fans are working in their spare time to make this happen with Skywind (Morrowind in Skyrim engine), and although progress is being made, it advances at a glacial pace.

Check out the latest Skywind trailer from TESR for a glimpse of what could be:

At the moment, it feels like we might all be Greybeards by the time either The Elder Scolls VI or Skywind see the light of day.


What would you rather came out first?

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