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By now you've probably seen the Nintendo Switch trailer and the myriad of men and women playing games together. But there was a notable omission that got us thinking: Where are all the kids?

Not a single child or teenager was shown throughout the trailer, which might give us some key insights into the target demographic of Nintendo's new console.

Times Are Changing, Gamers are Getting Older

Things have definitely changed in the gaming industry. The traditional stereotypes of most gamers being teenage boys is far from reality at this point, and companies like know it.

According to the ESA's annual report, 41% of gamers are now women, and the average age of gamers is 35 years old. Not only that, but 35+ year olds now make up 44% of all gamers while those under 18 are just 27%.

You can probably do the math, but let's just spell it out: Gamers are very often millennials.

Nintendo is being very smart about how they market Switch. While the Wii and WiiU were targeted more at kids (and their parents), Switch has completely changed not only the marketing, but also the functionality of the console to adapt to a new demographic. Since most gamers are largely in their 30s (or older) and work 9-5 jobs like almost everyone else, they don't necessarily have time to sit on the couch to game for hours at a time.

Making A Better Mobile Console

It makes sense to create such a portable console when your target audience is an older generation who spends a lot of time on the move. But it was still a huge risk considering only 17% of gamers regularly use mobile gaming systems – Nintendo doubled down.

They've presented a console that can be used both for high end gaming at home and gaming on the go – perfect for the 30-somethings they covet.

So did the strategy work? If the internet hype machine is any indication, I'd say so.

Many have even said Switch is the best Nintendo console since N64.

As a 30-something millennial myself, I can't wait to get his hands on one.

Are you going to buy a Switch? Is this the type of console that you can make time for?


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