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Hello Games' ambitious indie project has had quite the journey so far. What started as an interesting idea for a near-limitless universe soon developed into a high-speed hype train showing no hint of having any brakes, which of course ended in a spectacular, almost inevitable crash.

The repercussions of 's crash took many forms, ranging from false advertising lawsuits to an insane amount of negative reviews, but the most fascinating aftermath of all took place on Twitter, with managing director Sean Murray beginning his (what would become a month-long) silence on the platform. And then of course, there was this:

Nearly as bad as "you're adopted"...
Nearly as bad as "you're adopted"...

Hello Games' tweet was swiftly deleted and attributed to a hack, but it was clearly a manifestation of the anger and disappointment felt by fans who had been waiting for this game for so long, only to be delivered a product that fell short of — I'd argue unreasonably high — expectations.

This also marked Sean Murray's last tweet until Nov 27, leaving fans and others in the dark for almost a month. One of the most prevalent theories was that he simply couldn't deal with the negativity, and although the tweet was most likely a hack it may have in some way rung disturbingly true.

Foundation patch 1.1 arrives, Sean Murray explains Twitter silence

Sean has since spoiled fans with a trio of tweets to coincide with No Man's Sky's recent update, named Foundation.

Here's the almost eerily serene official trailer:

This was the first of three tweets that also included a link to the game's 1.1 patch notes. The second was a brief thank you for what fan support they had been getting during the hard times, which was then followed by a final tweet:

Is this a good enough reason? I think so. Considering how the game's launch went, playing their cards close to their chest seems like the only safe move for Hello Games right now. I wouldn't expect Murray to change this strategy any time soon either. Perhaps not until after few more updates, when the game fleshes out a little more and the community isn't so hostile.


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