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No Man's Sky has certainly made waves among gamers — but not necessarily the waves Hello Games had been expecting from the game with the year's biggest hype train behind it. Buckling under the weight of its own hype, the game launched to heavy disappointment with many buyers finding the game to be lacking features that had been promoted in several pre-release interviews with Sean Murray.

Turns out, things have just been stepped up a notch, as Polygon has reported that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has officially launched an investigation of No Man's Sky's promotion by Hello Games and Steam for alleged false advertising.

It's a bit of a tricky situation and one that was likely made worse when Steam went out of its way to remind buyers that the game could not be returned outside the standard return policy (despite some claiming Steam did exactly that). On the one hand, pre-release information is subject to change — after all, developing games is a notoriously an ever-changing process — and developers frequently discuss goals which are misinterpreted as set-in-stone features.

On the other hand, several images on the Steam store page still feature alien creatures of a magnitude beyond what seems to have made the final cut of the game. Perhaps as a result of the procedurally generated universe, many of the towering, dinosaur-like creatures have yet to be seen.

Time will tell what ultimately becomes of these investigations, but for now, it seems the angry masses have just added something to their "win" column.

Do you think No Man's Sky deserves to be investigated for false advertising?

Source: Polygon


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