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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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No Man's Sky is a game of immense scope, there can be no denying that. Over 18 quintillion planets to spring about from is an amazing achievement in video game design. And each of those planets is pretty big. Perhaps not earth-sized as Murray hinted at in an interview with Game Informer, but still pretty damn big.

How Big Though?

YouTuber TheyCallMeConor picked up the challenge to find out just how long it would take to amble halfway across one of NMS' planets, and he ran away with it. Well, walked. And it took him over 12 hours to reach the galactic sphere's midpoint. 12 hours, man!

See what I mean by an amazing achievement? TheyCallMeConor even went as far to list off other games whose maps he had spent hours trying to get across, and No Man's Sky trumps the bunch with an intense amount of time.

Woah, good going Just Cause 3!
Woah, good going Just Cause 3!

Thanks to TheyCallMeConor for making the trek, Lord knows I wouldn't have. Too busy playing Football Manager as ever! But... with each planet being procedurally generated, wouldn't the odds suggest that nearly all planets would be distinct from one another, especially regarding size?

All in all, this news has given me all the more reason to get my inner hoarder worked up. Can pump even more time into my first galaxy now!

What about you?

Are you even still playing No Man's Sky?

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