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No Man's Sky developer Hello Games recently broke its long silence to announce — and release — its patch 1.1 Foundation Update. Whether or not this update will reinvigorate the game's playerbase remains to be seen, but players immediately began plumbing the depths of the update's datafiles in search of hints for future content.

Yesterday, Redditor eegandj shared his discovery of a folder labeled "BUGGY" which refers to a texture for tire tracks. Later, eegandj discovered further files referring to a land vehicle. Ultimately, they were able to spawn the unfinished vehicle in-game, which you can see below.

Observant fans note structures resembling a ground vehicle garage appear in the Foundation Update trailer.

Given this patch has been called the Foundation Update and is directly described as a patch which lays the groundwork for future content updates, it's no surprise the game files contain exactly that: The foundation for future features. The buggy may not be available in-game right now, but its unfinished appearance in the game files strongly suggests it will be accessible in future updates.

While No Man's Sky was a game built on the concept of exploration, not everyone views it the same way. While some players are happy to traverse the galaxy and scope out new planets like an interstellar tourist, others would prefer a more grounded experience. The Foundation Update's base-building features certainly do lay the groundwork for that, but the addition of land vehicles will make it even more convenient to make the most out of your personal planetary body. Who wants to hoof it halfway across a planet?

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